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ADV NewsSIDI Adventure 2 GORE-TEX Boots: Protection, Comfort & Versatility

SIDI Adventure 2 GORE-TEX Boots: Protection, Comfort & Versatility

Top-to-bottom refinements enhance an already great boot for big adventures.

Published on 05.05.2021

It takes hours, days, and sometimes months to plan the perfect adventure but only a few minutes in the wrong gear to ruin it. Kudos, then, to the designers working to advance adventure touring apparel, which must be protective and all-day comfortable yet functional enough to withstand widely varying conditions.

Boots are no exception to the rule and are, in some ways, under increased pressure. You’ll ditch your jacket over lunch and remove your helmet at gas stops, but boots are along for the ride and often with you from sunup to sundown. The right pair will go a long way in helping you through the day’s obstacles but need innovative features if they’re to stand out. Enter SIDI’s Adventure 2 GORE-TEX boots.

SIDI Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Boots Grey
The hyper-extension block at the heel, tongue-in-groove Achilles protector, and other TPU components contribute to a streamlined profile without sacrificing protection.

Born in 1960 and popularly known for its forward-thinking approach to product design, SIDI isn’t one to shy away from innovation, and in the case of the Adventure 2 GORE-TEX boots, the company has taken its knowhow to blend motocross-style protection with added comfort and weatherproofing. The goal? Create the ultimate adventure boot.


Some features stand out more than others. The 14-inch gaiter is 3 inches longer for increased waterproofing, while flex zones are precisely located to provide increased flexibility. The hyper-extension block at the heel, tongue-in-groove Achilles protector, and other TPU components contribute to a streamlined profile without sacrificing protection, and the stretch panel on the back of the calf enables the boot to fit a wider range of calf sizes. Another welcomed touch is the split-grain leather inner panel on the inside of the boot, which is aimed at reduced wear and heat — both can have a huge impact day-to-day comfort and overall ownership experience.

How They Performed

I’m often reminded of the dangers that come with bringing new gear on a long ride without first testing it on a shorter outing. At worst, you’ll find unexpected hotspots or design flaws that detract from the ride, while at best, you’ll battle through a break-in period that keeps you on your toes through the first gas stop. I ignored these truths when setting off on my first trek with the Adventure 2, a true test of the boot’s strategically placed flex zones, which are designed to offer better flexibility out of the box. 

SIDI Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Boots testing

Fortunately, the updates work as SIDI designers intended, the boots feeling immediately comfortable and long-haul friendly. Feel and feedback at the footpegs was great and there was no problem shifting or finding the brake lever. Off-road protection usually robs you of this feel, but not here.

That unobtrusive feel carries over to the rest of the boot-wearing experience. The Adventure 2 feels well-built and is as easy to slip into as the simple, two-buckle restraint system suggests. There’s something to be said for focused updates and straightforward features like the cam lock buckle system, and I never took for granted the fact that I could slip into these boots with absolute ease. Sitting down after a long day’s ride, you’ll appreciate how easy the boots are to slip out of, too.

SIDI Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Boots black
The Adventure 2 waterproof boots feature a replaceable 2-buckle closure system and a flex mechanism at the joint. Other features include a shock resistant heel cup, a PU Shin Plate, a shift pad and more.

You won’t need to slip out of these boots. In fact, one of the best compliments I could give the SIDIs is that I occasionally forgot I was in such a full-featured boot. Even on the longest days, I’d roll to a stop tired, but without that “get me out of this gear,” sensation that comes with poorly designed apparel. There weren’t pressure points, problem areas, or times where the boot constricted feel. Just reliable comfort. As it should be.

SIDI Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Boots

A large stretch panel at the calf is intended to increase space and flexibility for varying calf sizes, while the overall boot is designed to be slim and offer good feel at the inner contact patch. I cannot speak to calf fitment as my calves are better sized for jokes than a fitment test, but I can say that the boot feels compact and manageable, without edges or protrusions that catch on the bike. The boots fit easily underneath multiple pairs of riding pants and standard riding gear with smaller openings. Overall weight is in-line with top-tier adventure boots, with the SIDI’s even offering a slight—though mostly negligible—advantage.

Other signs of brilliance include the boot’s truly impressive performance in at-home waterproof tests, and more realistic testing in one of the few California rainstorms. I stayed completely dry in each. Shock absorption was plenty, the lining never irritated or caused comfort issues, and the boots were perfectly quiet while pacing down convenience store aisles in search of a mid-ride lunch. SIDI boots of yesteryear would draw serious attention in these situations.

The Adventure 2 also comes in a mid-height version that is lighter and more comfortable than the standard Adventure 2 Gore-Tex boot, while still providing protection in the foot and ankle area.

For many of the same reasons, the Adventure 2 GORE-TEX became my boot of choice for everything from multi-day, big-bore adventures to 250cc dual sport rides, commutes, and even when chasing the family around on mini-bikes. This, to me, is the definition of versatility.

Who Are They For?

While the Adventure 2’s specs suggest that they’re for the long-haul adventurers gravitating toward technical route options, with everything from water crossings to rock-filled passes, the aforementioned versatility means that the boots are equally beneficial for casual riders who are unwilling to sacrifice safety for a boot that’s easily disguised as casual footwear.

Performance comes, of course, with a price tag, and the boot costs enough to make it a more realistic option for those who can take advantage of its technological innovations. Peace of mind can be expensive, and innovation isn’t cheap. Both are doubly valuable the longer and more technical your adventure is.

Our Verdict

Africa Twin adventure boot

While the idea was to use the Adventure 2 GORE-TEX for longer tours, the truth is that they outperformed expectations and showed that a full-featured boot can in fact be highly versatile. SIDI has improved an already great boot, helping the Adventure 2 GORE-TEX to power to the pointy end of SIDI’s lineup.

What We Liked

  • Despite being completely waterproof, the boot is breathable enough to keep your feet cool during warmer rides.
  • Light enough to  feel less burdensome in transport, and during longer days on the bike. Why carry big weights on your feet?
  • Impressive waterproofing capability gives utmost confidence in bad weather.

What Could Be Improved

  • The sole offers decent grip, but more traction at the footpegs wouldn’t hurt.
  • The text and branding on the upper half of the boot isn’t needed. Muted is sometimes better.

Colors and Price

Colors: Black, Brown, Gray
Sizes: 6-15 (39-50 Euro)
MSRP $449.99

Shopping Options:

RevzillaRocky Mountain ATV/MCAmazon

Photos by Joseph McKimmy and Rob Dabney

Author: Bradley Adams

Bradley’s passion for motorcycling was born alongside the pit wall at Willow Springs Raceway. Ten years spent watching his dad hone his craft turned into a decade of chasing similar road racing dreams. Bradley’s on-track experience led to an associate editor position at two of the major print magazines, where he had the opportunity to write about all forms of motorcycling. Bradley’s sport bike interests soon grew to include dual sport and adventure touring. Today, Bradley spends his time away from the desk exploring on a Honda Africa Twin.

Author: Bradley Adams

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SIDI Adventure 2 GORE-TEX Boots: Protection, Comfort & Versatility - ADVENTURE & OVERLAND MOTORCYCLE TRAVEL
May 5, 2021 10:53 am

[…] post SIDI Adventure 2 GORE-TEX Boots: Protection, Comfort & Versatility appeared first on ADV […]

May 5, 2021 6:27 pm

I purchased the original Sidi Adventure Gore-Tex for my adventure bike riding (which wasn’t & isn’t technical riding) & I am so used to the boot, I wear them on my cruiser now too. Made the “mistake” of wearing my sneakers to the local store & back (just over 1 mile total) and when I got home, I said to myself that I would never do that again. The bike just felt “strange” under my feet. If buying now, I would lean towards the mid cut boots

May 9, 2021 5:09 am
Reply to  Night_Wolf

I’ve worn the Sidi Adventures for years and have concerns over the durability of these boots. I recently had to JB Weld epoxy the soles on mine in the middle of a ride. The soles were literally.falling completely off. Sidi glues the soles on these boots and it’s a matter of time before the glue fails. Other than this major issue, the boots fit great and offer a shallow toe height which makes it easier for a rider to get the toe of the boot under the shifter. I’ve returned to my Garne Midlands which have a sewn welt. These boots fit great too but are a bit more difficult to shift with. A plus for Sidi is that they offer half sizes in areas of their size spectrum. I cannot recommend Sidi Adventures until the company addresses the quality issue around the sole attachment.

May 11, 2021 11:57 am

My advice: don’t walk to much in those, something that can’t be avoided when travelling. Otherwise seams are going to open up latest in the third season. Ao in my opinion they got a durability problem and/or are overpriced.


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