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ADV NewsTouratech Launches New ‘Extreme Waterproof’ Soft Luggage Line

Touratech Launches New ‘Extreme Waterproof’ Soft Luggage Line

New range of rugged, waterproof soft luggage to keep your gear clean & dry.

Published on 06.08.2020

As Touratech enters its 30th year of outfitting motorcyclists for adventure riding, it is launching a new line of soft luggage. The new product range, named Touratech Extreme Waterproof, includes a saddle bag set, tank bag, tail bag, pannier top bag, dry bag, and a small accessory dry bag. 

All of the products are crafted from the same 3-layer laminate which Touratech says is engineered to meet the demands of adventure riding and perform reliably for the long haul. Here’s how it works:

1. Wear Protection – The outer layer is made from a rubberized polymer that creates a UV-resistant and waterproof barrier that also provides grip to keep the bag from moving around on the bike. This heavy-duty polymer with welded seams also provides abrasion resistance for long-term wear protection.


2. Tear Protection – The middle layer consists of densely-woven, 1000-denier nylon that is bonded to the outer layer for strength and resistance to tearing.

3. Water Protection – The bright yellow vinyl interior with heat-welded seams makes an additional waterproof layer that is easy to rinse out or wipe clean. The bright interior makes it easy to see items inside the bag.

The Touratech Extreme Waterproof luggage has been developed to fit a wide range of adventure motorcycles and feature a universal mounting system for a secure fit. Here is an overview of the luggage range:

Extreme Waterproof Tank Bag

Touratech New Extreme Waterproof Soft Luggage Line

The tank bag features a removable map case, internal organization and a cable pass-through port. It attaches with a universal mounting system using extra-long Velcro straps, and can be mounted on a wide range of motorcycles. This bag also includes an expansion zipper that increases the volume from 14 to 22 liters. Retail $329.95

Extreme Waterproof Dry Bag

Touratech New Extreme Waterproof Soft Luggage Line

The 50-liter capacity is designed for the back of the bike to haul camping gear, or the essentials for your daily commute to the office. An external mesh pocket provides quick access to small items and the internal zipper pocket provides a waterproof place to keep track of small items on the inside. D-ring lashing loops and a high-grip rubberized polymer make fitment to the bike secure and easy. A bright yellow interior makes it easy to see items in the cavernous bag and easy to rinse out or wipe clean after a trip. Retail $119.95

Extreme Waterproof Tail Bag

Touratech New Extreme Waterproof Soft Luggage Line

A rugged and waterproof tail bag featuring an ergonomic handle for carrying off the bike. An expansion zipper increases your storage from 8 to 12 liters plus external and internal mesh pockets organize smaller items. A bungee system on top is designed for stashing your gloves at the gas pump or short stops. Universal mounting makes it easy to strap onto virtually any bike. Retail $179.95

Extreme Waterproof Pannier Lid Bag

Touratech New Extreme Waterproof Soft Luggage Line

This pannier top bag provides 10 liters of waterproof storage. Similar to the tail bag, this lid bag features internal and external mesh pockets for organizing smaller items and a bungee system on top to quickly stash your gloves. The universal mounting works with a wide variety of panniers and an ergonomic handle makes it easy to carry off of the bike. Retail $159.95

Extreme Waterproof Accessory Bag

Touratech New Extreme Waterproof Soft Luggage Line

This 3-liter bag provides dry storage just about anywhere you want to attach it on the bike. It features an external mesh pocket for smaller items and bright yellow interior for good visibility inside. Retail $69.95

Extreme Waterproof Saddle Bags

Touratech New Extreme Waterproof Soft Luggage Line

A rugged and completely waterproof soft luggage solution with universal mounting to fit a wide range of bikes. Boasting 40 liters of capacity, these saddle bags are designed to keep the center of gravity low on the bike while providing easy access with a top loading roll down closure. These saddle bags are designed to work both with a pannier rack or on a bike without a pannier rack. A storage pocket on the back holds fuel or water bottles for longer adventures. Retail $399.95

Author: ADV Pulse Staff

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7 thoughts on “Touratech Launches New ‘Extreme Waterproof’ Soft Luggage Line

  1. It’s the trend…..look at the new Rocky Mountain ATV Tusk bags, copies (not the same quality) of the Mosko Moto’s!

  2. Webmaster – can we have 4K sized images for zoomed-in product browsing please. I’m sure TTech shot these with some pro lvl cameras at 8K in a studio…

      • from my research so far, i tend to agree with you guys. their own photo set and video is a shame, it does not even show how they are installed in the bike. The only two catchy new features i see are: the weight, they advertise to be lightweight but i could not find weight figures for enduristan. and the additional compression strap, which could be a significant advantage, as you would have all in one, not being forced to select a specific size. I am a light traveler so i was almost to buy the enduristan medium, but the more flexible feature of TT caught me to review this. I tried chatting with the TT guys but they are useless, they have no additional knowledge whatsoever apart from what the TT USA website has. Whats the point?


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