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ADV NewsTriumph SOS Crash Detection App, Alerts Emergency Services For You

Triumph SOS Crash Detection App, Alerts Emergency Services For You

Fast medical response from your phone, when and where you need it.

Published on 04.19.2021

Triumph has released a new accredited advanced accident detection and emergency alerting system. Named ‘Triumph SOS’, the app automatically connects you to the nearest emergency service in case you need help and it’s available to any rider, regardless of the bike they own. 

Triumph states the new platform has been specifically tailored for motorcyclists, and monitors key acceleration/deceleration sensors in your smartphone to detect and validate an accident. If activated, the rider will have a 30-second time window to cancel the alert, otherwise emergency services will attempt to make contact with the rider. If they speak to the rider and they need assistance, or if they can’t make contact, emergency services are immediately dispatched to the precise GPS location, with additional information such as direction of travel (to make sure they’re on the correct side of a freeway, tunnel, etc.), rider’s medical details and bike details.

Triumph SOS app emergency alert system for motorcyclists

Features include Auto-pause technology to prevent accidental triggering and riders can also manually choose to turn ‘crash detection’ off at any time. And in case you are wondering, Triumph SOS does not record or send any speed or telematics data to the emergency services.


Reportedly, a lot of time went into development of the SOS emergency system. The app has been through a validation process and demonstrated sufficiently low false activation rates to have been approved to call the emergency services directly. In fact, Triumph mentions this is one of the features that makes it different from other available e-call apps which are typically set to call a specified emergency contact or are limited to a single market. 

Although it has the convenience that it uses your smartphone, keep in mind the app requires a cell phone signal so it may not be of much use for riders traveling in remote areas.

The SOS system has launched across the UK, Europe, ROI, North America, Australia and New Zealand and offers a 3-month free trial for all Triumph owners. Service costs $4.99 a month and you can cancel at any time.

The app also offers other navigation features such as:

  • Worldwide route recording, editing, and sharing.
  • Full screen routes with ride stats.
  • Export & share GPX files.
  • Explore, discuss and share community recorded routes.
  • Real-time location sharing with other members of your riding group.

For more information go to

Author: ADV Pulse Staff

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Triumph SOS Crash Detection App, Alerts Emergency Services For You - ADVENTURE & OVERLAND MOTORCYCLE TRAVEL
April 19, 2021 9:55 am

[…] post Triumph SOS Crash Detection App, Alerts Emergency Services For You appeared first on ADV […]

April 21, 2021 4:36 am

What the hell does “accredited” mean? Who officially recognizes that system? Looks like just another ad masquerading as journalism.

ADV Pulse
ADV Pulse
April 21, 2021 12:31 pm
Reply to  Robert

Quick to throw insults instead of just asking a question? First of all, this is not an ad and we are not “masquerading” anything. It is simply an announcement of a new product. The app is accredited by BAPCO. As mentioned in the article, it has been approved to call emergency services directly. You can email them here if you have more questions about their accreditation. Hopefully you can write them an email without being a keyboard warrior.


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