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ADV Prepping5 Off-Road Riding Tips From Racing Legend Jimmy Lewis

5 Off-Road Riding Tips From Racing Legend Jimmy Lewis

Champion racer & rider coach shares tips for taking adventure bikes off-road.

Published on 03.06.2017

One of the big draws of riding Adventure Motorcycles is the freedom they offer to travel off-road. And who better to get off-road riding tips from than racing legend Jimmy Lewis, who podiumed at the Dakar Rally, won the Baja 1000 overall and is also a 4x ISDE Gold Medalist. As his racing career began winding down, he started the Jimmy Lewis Off-Road Riding School where he now teaches Adventure Motorcycle off-road skills to riders of all abilities.

In this recent video, Jimmy outlines 5 off-road riding tips for adventure riders. Tips include fundamental skills like proper balance, body position and clutch control. One tip that stands out is Jimmy’s advice to take your hands off the bars to test if you are in the proper riding position. Staying light on the bars not only allows you to react quicker and improve your control, but can also help save you from frequent flat tires or a bent rim.


Jimmy Lewis adventure riding tips

Jimmy also talks about the advantages of practicing on smaller dirt bikes to develop your skills. If you have an opportunity to rent or borrow a dirt bike, it can put your learning curve on the fast track. Another fundamental off-road riding tip we would add is to always remember to look far ahead. So often new adventure riders look down at what they are currently riding over, which leaves them completely unprepared for major obstacles that are fast approaching.

Once you get the basics, there’s a whole new world out there to explore. As your off-road riding skills improve, you’ll have the confidence to travel further off-road and safely take on more challenging terrain. Jimmy’s quick off-road riding tips are a great first step, and learning directly from trained professionals can take you even further in developing your skills. Check out our global list of off-road training centers for adventure bike riders to see which ones are in your area. And remember to get good protection for your body and bike before you hit the dirt!

Author: ADV Pulse Staff

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7 thoughts on “5 Off-Road Riding Tips From Racing Legend Jimmy Lewis

    • I attended the Jimmy Lewis off-road riding school in Nov 2014 and have the same KTM 1190 R as he is riding, but I was thinking of getting the new KTM 250 EXC-F which would let me ride on the highway to a local OHV park to practice my skills. But $9,400 is not exactly a “disposable” dirt bike. Maybe a used DRZ 400 would be a much better choice.

      • You might consider a used dual sport. You can find nice KTM 525/530’s with a plate in the $4k-5k range. A used DRZ 400 are also a good choice for less money. If you have a truck or trailer, you can pick up a non-plated dirt bike like the CRF450 or WR450 for a good price. Usually, you can sell these bikes for close to what you bought them for after a year or two.

  1. Jimmy IS the man, sponsored by the big names but likes and rides anything. Best source for teaching, training and being safe on a bike then anyone else out there! No other instructional school (in the USA) as a podium Dakar riding teaching you……..oh and his wife will teach you a thing or two also.

  2. The big KTMs are exxy bikes and worth it for the traction aids and WP suspenders. To that extent, you *can* buy your way to better results. But I agree that building skills is the best single investment you can make.


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