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ADV ProductsADV AppsBikerBuddy Launched: The Airbnb App for Adventure Riders

BikerBuddy Launched: The Airbnb App for Adventure Riders

New mobile app creates lodging connections for traveling motorcyclists.

Published on 01.15.2018

BikerBuddy, a new community for bike-minded travelers and hosts, has announced the launch of their BikerBuddy app for iOS and Android operating systems. The BikerBuddy app connects traveling motorcyclists with motorcycle-convenient hosting sites, offering low-rate, convenient lodging and more.

BikerBuddy is all about connecting motorcyclists. Co-founder Paul Douglas is sure motorcyclists can offer more than traditional shared economy hosts.

BikerBuddy: Adventure Motorcycle App


“BikerBuddy is more than places to stay on a road trip,” Douglas said. “It’s a tool for connecting bike-minded people. It’s about knowing you can rely on who you’re staying with to have some motorcycle knowledge and there’s a lot of value in that. We have hosts that accept parts and other shipments to their properties for riders and that convenience is a real benefit for travelers. Other hosts set up wash stations or workstations for routine bike maintenance; there is absolutely no denying the power of local riding knowledge. You can’t get that from a hotel or a traditional vacation rental.”

BikerBuddy: Adventure Motorcycle App

Flat-Rate Lodging Wherever You Stop

BikerBuddy hosts offer flat-rate lodging. This means trip budgets go further than ever and with a wide range of hosting options, travelers have great choices. Lodging rates are (per night) $20 per tent spot, $30 to stay in an RV or camper on a host’s property, $40 for a private room and $100 for a house. As a rider, you have the flexibility to find a host that meets your needs. As a host, you can earn money by hosting riders and offer amenities such as Wi-Fi, laundry, shower, or cooking areas.

To learn more, and to become a BikerBuddy host for FREE, visit their website or download the BikerBuddy app from the iTunes App Store or on Google Play.

Author: ADV Pulse Staff

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  1. Hi. Thnx for the review. Just a suggestion for future reviews of this type: pls include if the service is worldwide or limited to any specific countries. This might be helpful to your global audience. Cheers.


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