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ADV ProductsNew Continental TKC 70 Rocks Adventure Tire Coming Soon

New Continental TKC 70 Rocks Adventure Tire Coming Soon

More choice for Adventure Riders with the release of the TKC 70 Rocks.

Published on 02.18.2020

Continental continues to expand their TKC line for 2020, offering more choice than ever with the development of the all-new TKC 70 Rocks adventure tire. The popular TKC 80 has been a long-standing favorite among ADV and Dual Sport riders alike, known for their versatility in on-road and off-road settings. Yet the TKC 80s often get criticized for their lack of longevity. On the other hand, Continental’s TKC 70 adventure tires offer improved mileage, but are a bit too road oriented for those who frequent the dirt more than just occasionally.

Now Continental is offering something that slots right in between the two popular tires with the TKC 70 Rocks rear tire, giving riders more street grip and longevity than the TKC 80, along with better off-road traction than the TKC 70. Continental claims their new tire offers more traction off-road with the usual road performance of the TKC 70, and says they are pleasantly quiet thanks to an enhanced lug arrangement designed to suppress noise. 

Continental TKC 70 Rocks adventure tires
Standard TKC 70 front (left) and new TKC 70 Rocks rear (right).

Compared to the design of the TKC 70 rear tire, the Rocks version gets rid of the uninterrupted strip of rubber down the center in favor of a staggered lug arrangement with cutouts to give it improved off-road grip. And while the new TKC 70 Rocks have a somewhat knobby-style appearance, it’s not quite the open-tread design of the TKC 80.


The new TKC 70 Rocks adventure tires incorporate advanced technology as well, like Continental’s MultiGrip curing process that gives them a harder, more wear-resistant center and softer, grippier side tread for better cornering performance. They also use ZeroDegree steel belt technology for more-precise handling and stability at high speeds, along with improved durability. Additionally, their RainGrip tire compound has a higher silica content that makes it possible to ride safer and faster on wet roads, without a loss of performance in the dry. And all TKC 70 Rocks adventure tires are handmade in Continentals’ Korbach, Germany factory.

TKC  family of adventure tires
The TKC 70 Rocks rear tire slots in between the TKC 70 and TKC 80 in terms of on-road/off-road performance and longevity, giving adventure riders more choices.

The new TKC 70 Rocks come in rear tires only and are designed to be paired with either a TKC 70 or TKC 80 front tire. With TKC 80 tires typically wearing out at a rate of two rears to one front, swapping to a Rocks rear may provide a more similar front/rear wear pattern. For those adventure riders who prefer optimal traction for asphalt and increased mileage on the highway but want more confidence in the dirt, TKC 70 front matched with the Rocks rear could be an ideal combo. No word yet on whether Continental plans to create a Rocks front tire as well. 

TKC 70 Rocks Sizes:

  • 130/80-17
  • 140/80-17
  • 150/70-17
  • 170/60-17
  • 150/70-18

Look for the new TKC 70 Rocks at your local dealer soon. We look forward to seeing how these new Conti tires perform and we’ll report back as more details are released.

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Author: ADV Pulse Staff

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Dan N
Dan N
April 26, 2020 11:17 am

Are these radials? From the description: “ZeroDegree steel belt technology”.
The size info doesn’t have a “R” but the table on the Continental website does have a R.

April 29, 2020 8:38 pm
Reply to  Dan N

They are indeed radials. And boy is it a nice looking tyre. Just got mine today.

Greg Huston
Greg Huston
April 30, 2020 4:44 pm

ooooo I think I just found the tire to replace my TKC70s when they wear out. My GS is pretty much relegated to commuting duties these days, but my commute consist of some dirt roads and the normal 70s just don’t have the “bite” to ride hard on the dirt. While some may scoff at commuting, I can guarantee you my daily commute to work is far better than yours :D.


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