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ADV ProductsAdventure Spec Launches Adventure Parts for Honda CRF450L

Adventure Spec Launches Adventure Parts for Honda CRF450L

UK brand introduces kit designed to increase CRF450L travel capability.

Published on 03.29.2019

Honda CRF450L Adventure parts

Parts specialists, Adventure Spec, have built on their accessories manufacturing experience to give the off-road capable Honda CRF450L an adventure nudge. The UK manufacturer believes in the mantra ‘light is right’ for adventure riding and are firmly behind the model as a longer-distance dual sport. As such, they have launched a range of parts that they believe transform the stock CRF450L into a multi-day adventure trail bike.


“The new Honda CRF450L has ruffled feathers in the lightweight adventure market. Is it an enduro bike? Is it an adventure bike? Or is it a trail bike? The joke in the office is we are trying to make a Honda Africa single. We want the functionality of that bike with its capability to enable us to navigate and be safe and keep everything protected,” says Adventure Spec. Their parts, they mention, give it that travel capability.

Mini Fairing

Honda CRF450L Adventure parts

An easy to install mini-fairing designed to mount a Garmin Montana GPS, with holes for mounting a dual USB socket and Symtec Grip Heaters (not included). The fairing, which features a small screen, bolts to the top of your triple clamps in seconds and keeps your GPS up high so that you can access the Honda display. (MSRP: £89/$109)

Fuel Tank

Honda CRF450L Adventure parts

The IMS Products tank adds 50% more fuel capacity to the CRF450L for a total of 11.4 liters (3 gallons). The tank takes only minutes to install and is designed with a Polyethylene Crosslink for increased strength and durability. (MSRP: £300/$325)

Bash Skid Plate

Honda CRF450L Adventure parts

The rugged bash plate is built with 4mm thick Aluminium to protect your engine and is designed to be easy to fit and remove for oil changes. (MSRP: £99/$115)

Side Luggage Supports

Honda CRF450L Adventure parts

Lightweight but rugged aluminium supports will give you the base you need for mounting regular pannier style saddlebags. (MSRP: £139/$165)

Rear Luggage Rack

Honda CRF450L Adventure parts

Lightweight Aluminium luggage plate designed to strap a duffel/roll bag or attach extra fuel or tool loads. The rear rack can be used with our without the side luggage supports. (MSRP: £69/$80)

Tail Tidy

Honda CRF450L Adventure parts

A Tail Tidy to reduce the bulk of the rear end, while still being fully legal for road use. According to Adventure Spec, the tail tidy had to meet the following criteria: Better visual appeal, smaller and far less prone to damage than the stock unit and retain the ability of the bike to stay in fully legal road trim (if the purchaser chose). (MSRP: £69/$85)

Radiator Braces

Honda CRF450L Adventure parts

The aluminium Radiator Braces are designed to protect your CRF450L’s cooling capability. According to Adventure Spec, the ultra-slim build works well with the large-capacity IMS tank or stock tank, so radiator shrouds are not forced out widening the bike. (MSRP: £79/$89)

Watch the Honda CRF450L parts in action:

The Honda CRF450L AS Hard Parts are available from: Adventure Spec and Adventure Spec USA

Author: ADV Pulse Staff

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7 thoughts on “Adventure Spec Launches Adventure Parts for Honda CRF450L

    • I ordered from seat concepts. Amazing quality, no comparison in comfort. Not sure who could use the stock seat

  1. What are the load ratings for the side pannier racks? For the rear rack? Does the front fairing / GPS mount supply external power to the Montana GPS? Thanks.

    • Hi Bob,
      The fairing is designed to take the Garmin Montana Rugged Mount, which does power the unit. The bolt spacing is a common one, featured on a RAM round ball base for instance. There are also holes on the panel for a rocker switch (same as Symtec Heat Demon grips for offroad bikes) plus for a dual USB outlet with volt meter which we will have on sale shortly. Its an aluminium unit that will be around $20. This hole is a common size should you wish to fit something else in there.
      We have given a few fixed options, but the ethos was as a simple platform that riders can use as offered or easily adapt to their own needs.
      Hope this helps!

  2. I’m picking up my Honda in the am., I couldn’t fathome 26hp. It would be a completly differant bike. I feel bad foR you dudes over there. Just how greener is the eu spec bike? I bet it pollutes more b\c the cat doesn’t get as hot as it would under normal
    engine operation vs. Half throttle and never reaching the power curve. The pencil pusher’s you have over there are about as clueless as the come. Bring back pubIic torture! Cheers homies! I’ll think of you when my nutsack feels that 50hp.
    Carry on,


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