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ADV ProductsMeet Klim’s First Adventure Helmet, The Krios

Meet Klim’s First Adventure Helmet, The Krios

Klim breaks new ground with an ultralight, strong and versatile ADV helmet.

Published on 08.22.2016

The new Klim Krios is the company’s first entry into the Adventure Helmet segment. The innovative design is aimed at achieving new heights in strength, performance and functionality while leaving traditional compromises behind.

The Klim Krios Adventure helmet provides a premium experience through high performance carbon-fiber construction which makes the Krios one of the lightest adventure helmets on the market. While extremely light at 3.25 lbs, Krios meets or exceeds ECE and DOT standards, highlighting Klim’s intent to not sacrifice strength of the shell or safety for weight.

Klim Krios Adventure Helmet
Four different riding configurations can be achieved quickly and without using tools.


The Klimatek Fabric liner system and smart aerodynamic design combine to create an acoustically peaceful experience for the rider. In addition, quick transitions from street to off-road mode can be achieved without the use of tools, making the Klim Krios Adventure Helmet one of the most versatile premium helmets available.

Klim Krios Adventure Helmet
The Krios design includes an aerodynamic visor and spoiler to provide a smoother airflow over the helmet.

For the Krios, Klim has partnered up with Sena to create a proprietary integrated Intercom unit for the helmet. As a result, you have the option to buy the Krios adventure helmet complete with a streamlined Sena 10U unit pre-installed. The Krios is currently available for pre-order and will be hitting shelves this Fall.

Klim Krios Features:
• Pinlock-ready clear face shield
• Hand-laid full-carbon shell features a wide carbon weave
• Aerodynamic visor and spoiler stabilize and put riders heads at ease
• Adaptive smart foam technology liner with anti-microbial fast-wicking textiles
• Quick release shield and visor system with simple, quarter-turn to lock/unlock
• Intelligent ventilation system keeps riders cool when the terrain heats up
• Airflow thru chin bar vent and closeable top vent make it comfy from slow-to-go
• Transition to any of four riding modes quickly and without tools
• Klim Radius Goggle compatible
• Pinlock-ready Polycarbonate anti-scratch face shield
• Meets or exceeds ECE and DOT standards
• Optional Sena 10U intercom integration

Klim Krios MSRP: Standard $549.99; With integrated Sena 10U $799.99
Shopping Options:

Krios Element (White) Krios Stealth (Black)

Author: ADV Pulse Staff

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11 thoughts on “Meet Klim’s First Adventure Helmet, The Krios

  1. As excited as I am for a helmet from Klim, my excitement is somewhat tempered by the fact that you copy/pasted a press release and p[resented it as an article. I guess this is pretty common practice now, but it’s disappointing nonetheless.

  2. This helmet is just a re-branded Nishua, with at least 2 years on the market. It’s a common helmet on the German market.

  3. but this helm is already on the market for years 🙂 first as a Uvex Enduro Carbon then Nishua Enduro Carbon 🙂 they’ve just changed the details and raised the price extremly 😉

    • That’s is awesome that you pointed this out! But it leaves me extremely disappointed with Klim again. Right now they’re shaking their heads reading this, probably saying, “Damn internet! We can never hide our lazy attempts again. ” Ha-ha

      The funny part is, is that they’ll have the last laugh because their marketing and advertising will lure in all the “Klim is the best” crowd to drop $500 on the old “new” Klim helmet.

      And to be fair, I’m wearing a Klim suit because KTM gave the thing to me when I bought a bike last December. It is a nice suit, and extremely heavy, but they are so ill fitting. If you’re slender or in shape, it’s loose in all the wrong places and pants are so baggy that you feel like a toddler with a loaded diaper. I miss my Rev’it gear and if this stuff ever wears out, I’ll will be picking more of their stuff up.

      • We have used the old Uvex for quite some time and they were stunning helmets. I am glad KLIM got them as part of their range. It’s a good helmet 🙂


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