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ADV ProductsSonic Moto Toolbox: A Comprehensive Toolset for the ADV Garage

Sonic Moto Toolbox: A Comprehensive Toolset for the ADV Garage

Practically everything you need to work on your motorcycle in one box!

Published on 08.03.2018

We all need a good set of tools in the garage to keep our bikes maintained and for installing our favorite farkles. All too often though, we end up settling for an old set of hand-me-down tools or a cheapo set we got at Harbor Freight. But as any seasoned rider can tell you, cheap tools don’t last.

The other typical problem with our tools is that we end up buying them piecemeal when we need tools for a specific project. Buying tools in phases may seem like you are saving money, but in the end you may pay more than if you buy everything as a set. This approach also leads to mismatch items in our toolbox of varying quality and a lack of organization in the garage. With different boxes and toolsets scattered around, you tend to lose track of tools more easily and waste more time finding what you need.

Sonic Dual Sport Moto Toolbox


The Troy Lee Designs Moto Toolbox from Sonic Tools is designed to be a complete solution for riders that work on their own bikes. A great deal of thought went into compiling this purpose-built box that includes all the basic tools a motorcyclist needs for most garage projects. All your metric sockets, hex wrenches, open ends and screw drivers are there, and in sizes that fit most motorcycles. The kit also includes specialty tools motorcyclists often use like a metric measuring tape for checking suspension sag, safety wire pliers, precision air pressure gauge, torx bits and more.

What’s more, the box comes with laser cut foam inlays for each drawer. Every tool has its place and stays in place! If you see an empty space, you know immediately if your buddy forgot to put one of your tools back. Having a specific place for each tool also makes your projects go smoother when you know exactly where everything is.

Sonic Dual Sport Moto Toolbox

Each tool that comes in the Moto Toolbox is also of the highest quality. This is professional-grade stuff that is built to withstand daily use for years. You can feel the difference in your hand with tighter tolerances on wrenches that are less likely to strip nuts and bolts. Sockets wrenches are push button locking, screw drivers are made of hardened german-made steel, and sockets are cold-forged steel. Better yet, if you ever do manage to snap or bend a tool, Sonic has a lifetime warranty on everything in the box.

The other cool thing about the Moto Toolbox is that it includes practically everything you need in a lightweight box. The big side handles also make it easy to move the box around the garage for your projects, or can take it with you in your truck to make adjustments before your big trip. And with the foam inlays, tools stay in place during transport too. The box is also lockable, so you can make sure no one borrows your tools without asking.

Sonic Dual Sport Moto Toolbox

Sonic Dual Sport Moto Toolbox

The Troy Lee Designs Moto Toolbox has been an invaluable addition to the ADV Pulse garage. The only items we would add to it are a set of tire irons, long t-handle wrench, vice grips and a wire stripper/crimper tool. Otherwise, it comes with most tools you would need and we find ourselves appreciating it more with every project.

MSRP for the Moto Toolbox is $600. For more info check out the Sonic Tools website.

Author: ADV Pulse Staff

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6 thoughts on “Sonic Moto Toolbox: A Comprehensive Toolset for the ADV Garage

  1. Troy lee tool box is 600bucks are you kidfing me at most its s 99 dollar set max and thats after mark up ,what a buncha of bullshit im an ase tech certified of 25plus years, you should be ashamed of your selves

    • As a veteran mechanic myself, you lost all credibility when you say you expect this professional-grade toolkit to be $99 after markup.

  2. just talked to our local Snap On truck, he said he could put the same thing together for $200 and that included his markup.

    • Interesting how if they claim they can do something exactly like this at such a low price they haven’t done it yet. Especially funny that it would be Snap On to do it, who charges $300 for one of their empty small metal boxes. Yeah empty small box WITHOUT TOOLS $300!!

      • I wear TLD but this doesn’t sound too good. Go to Lowes and get their toolbox, fill it with the same tools and you’re gonna be less than $600. Plus Kobalt tool are guaranteed for life, Including their boxes.


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