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ADV ProductsPerfect Squeeze: Best Off-Road Phone Mount You Can Buy?

Perfect Squeeze: Best Off-Road Phone Mount You Can Buy?

A universal phone mount designed specifically for aggressive off-roading.

Published on 09.22.2016

Hondo Garage, a small company located in Bozeman, Montana and staffed by four people and three robots, has created what it calls, “The best off-road phone mount in the entire world.”

“That sounds like hyperbole but it’s not,” says Hondo Garage owner and Chief Product Designer, Wiley Davis. “There are a lot of other phone mounts on the market, but none of them are suitable for someone who’s going to ride across Mongolia or race the Baja and wants to use their phone as a GPS. I designed the Perfect Squeeze for those people and that kind of riding.”

Adventure Motorcycle offroad Phone Mount
EPDM gripper posts have just the right amount of taper to lock your phone solidly in place. The mount clamps down tight to the bars and uses a ball-detent on the tightening screw to ensure it won’t loosen up, no matter how buzzy your bars are.

The Perfect Squeeze smartphone mount is made from precision-machined aluminum and stainless steel, and it works with nearly any model phone with or without a case. It securely holds your phone over the roughest terrain, and you can pop the phone out instantly with the “Quick Adjust Button” if you stop for lunch or to take a photo.

perfect sqeeze smartphone mount ram mount

If desired, the low-profile bar clamp can be replaced with a RAM ball mount system. This also allows you to orient the phone in many different positions.


Quietly launched last May with a simple post on the popular ADV Rider forum, the Perfect Squeeze soon developed a loyal following of riders. “The responses we got in that launch thread were tremendously positive,” says Davis. “The ADV forums can be a harsh place, but our product has gotten nothing but positive reviews so far.”

That positive feedback is the result of several unique features incorporated into the Perfect-Squeeze and the quality of the manufacturing. The mount will fit almost any phone, even larger ones such as the iPhone 6+. No special case is required. And it uses a vice-like locking screw with a spring-loaded click mechanism that prevents it from loosening due to vibration, but releases quickly if you’re the type of person that makes frequent stops for tacos.

Adventure Motorcycle offroad Phone Mount
Low-profile bar clamps get your phone as close to the bars as possible. In most cases, you can position it right in the middle where your phone is most protected. It even works on bars that are really close to the triple clamp.

ADV forum member bigtex had this to say, “As an aerospace engineer who spends his days in front of a CAD screen and on a shop floor… this is Good Eats. Clever design, finely executed, and it works. Wow.”


• Made from 6061 aluminum and stainless steel
• Weight: 7oz
• Fits all phones small and large (adapter for Tablets in the works)
• Compatible with most Smartphones (with or without a case)
• Bar-Clamp range: .5″ – 1.25″ (works on bars with or without a crossbar)
• Optional mounting with any RAM mount or other AMPS-compatible system

For more info visit the Hondo Garage website.

Shopping Options: Hondo Garage

Author: ADV Pulse Staff

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