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ADV ProductsAll New Sidi Crossfire 3 Off-Road Boots Coming Soon!

All New Sidi Crossfire 3 Off-Road Boots Coming Soon!

 Sidi reveals new Crossfire 3 motocross boot through series of teaser videos.

Published on 09.26.2016

The all new Sidi Crossfire 3 SRS is the evolution of a motocross boot which has won more awards than any other in the off-road sector — the Crossfire 2. Known for their excellent protection, comfortable fit and replaceable parts, the Sidi Crossfire 2 has been a top pick with dual sport riders and motocross racers alike.

Now Sidi hopes to continue on the success of the Crossfire 2, combining research from their labs and their race champions to make full use of all of their experience in the development of the Crossfire 3 SRS.


SIDI Crossfire 3 Boots

In a race, when you are testing the limits, the difference lies in the details. Boots are an essential element, since they are the main connection between the body and the bike. The boot must be sensitive, in order to best assist the movements of the feet; yet they must also be robust, to protect the foot from impacts and falls, all while remaining light and comfortable to wear.

SIDI Crossfire 3 Boots

The new Sidi crossfire 3 SRS boots will be revealed over the following weeks through a series of micro videos, which will introduce the features and technical details of this innovative new boot, step by step. Stay tuned for more details to come!

SIDI Crossfire 3 Boots

SIDI Crossfire 3 Boots

Author: ADV Pulse Staff

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3 thoughts on “All New Sidi Crossfire 3 Off-Road Boots Coming Soon!

  1. I owned the Crossfire 2 SRS’s as well. Awesome boot, yup they were heavy. I sold them when I left the ‘gnarly’ off-road world, now wished I’d kept them for dual-sport use.