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ADV ProductsREV’IT! Offtrack Suit: High-End Features With a Mid-Range Price

REV’IT! Offtrack Suit: High-End Features With a Mid-Range Price

We test REV'IT!'s breathable, adaptable, mid-priced Adventure Suit.

Published on 02.27.2020

Something as complicated as a motorcycle riding suit can be evaluated in numerous ways, but any evaluation can be narrowed down to three primary categories: quality, features, and fit. If any one of these three areas is lacking, the other two suffer. There is a fourth category as well – price. Typically, price goes up in direct relation to the level of a suit’s quality, features, and fit. In the Offtrack, REV’IT! seems to have come up with a mid-range priced suit, that performs much like a high-end one. 

Lightweight and highly breathable, the outer shell of both the Offtrack jacket and pants is complemented by separate thermal and rain layers. Seeflex CE level 2 molecular armor comes standard in the jacket’s elbows and shoulders, and the outer shell is designed to accommodate an optional Seesoft CE level-2 back protector and two-part Seesoft CE level-1 chest protector. The trousers ship with Seeflex CE level-2 knee protectors and Seesmart CE level-1 hip protectors. 

Seeflex armor in REV'IT! Offtrack suit
The Offtrack suit comes equipped with SEEFLEX CE-level 2 protection at the shoulders, elbows and knees. The honeycomb-like pattern keeps the armor lightweight and improves breathability.

Storage is ample throughout the suit, the jacket having two large front pockets, larger back pocket, and an inner “Napoleon” pocket which remains accessible when the liners are installed. Cargo-pant style hip pockets are featured on both legs of the trousers and 600D panels reinforce areas at high risk of abrasion like the knees, forearms and elbows.


Among the unique features offered in the REV’IT! Offtrack, are an adjustable collar snap which allows the rider to choose from five different collar sizes. While the size of one’s neck most likely isn’t changing drastically from day to day, this adjustability allows the collar to stay snug and precise when adding or removing layers, balaclavas, or gaiters. Opposite from the adjustable snap is a small receiver hook which allows the collar to be held opened for improved ventilation in hotter conditions. Long cuff zippers on each sleeve are able to be opened from either end, intended to allow for both easier entry and additional ventilation.

REV'IT! Offtrack jacket collar
REV'IT! Offtrack arm vents
REV'IT! Offtrack thigh vents

Ventilation is a primary focus of the Offtrack. Extensive use of “VCS” mesh panels throughout both the jacket and pants eliminate the need for rear ventilation zippers or other openings on the back of the suit. Forearm zipper vents and large chest panel vents on the jacket, along with vent zippers on the thighs adjacent to the trouser pockets allow for control of air entry, while flow-through and escape is allowed through the mesh materials themselves.

How It Performed

Testing the REV'IT! Offtrack suit

What is the “best” suit could possibly be thought of as the one you prefer to put on for a ride. To this end, fit is key. Having the best materials and most robust impact resistance is always good, however if it’s not comfortable, the experience behind the bars suffers.

The Offtrack’s “race fit” design was surprisingly ideal for my 5’11” frame. More form-fitting than loose, both the jacket and trousers had an almost tailored feel. While the trousers are set up with connection points for optional detachable suspenders, they were not necessary as the fit was ideal. 

While diving in to the packaging and pulling out all the various layers for an initial inspection, I realized I’d forgotten to pay close attention to how it all went back together. Fortunately, REV’IT! designed that aspect of the suit for people like me, and color-coded the wrist connection points, which made lining up everything a snap (no pun intended). While not color-coded, the zippers at the ankle-end of the rain and thermal liners are of different lengths and positioned a few inches apart from each other, making it easy to identify where to attach a given liner to the outer shell.

A very welcome feature are the waist-adjustment straps, which are of a D-ring/pull-tab design rather than hook-and-loop (i.e., Velcro). This means they only need to be adjusted once, and remain as secure as a regular belt. Instead of a traditional snap closure, the waist features a unique “slide lock” closure which is arguably more secure. 

VCS vents on the REV'IT! Offtrack Jacket.
VCS panels on the front of the jacket can be opened up to flow a large volume of air to the body.

One feature that didn’t work quite as well were the jacket’s water-resistant front pockets. While the asymmetric closure flap  design is very secure, the small opening can make getting things in and out of these pockets a bit more difficult. Although it might not be recommended, I found the chest vents worked well as pockets when fully closed. The internal Napoleon pocket quickly became the default wallet storage location, my only gripe being the perforated liner ejects itself virtually every time anything is removed from this pocket.

Mesh panels on the REV'IT! Offtrack suit.
3D Mesh panels at the upper body and upper back provide a continuous flow of air for warm days or rigorous rides. A large rear pocket is also included where base layers or liners can be stowed away.

Closing all vents reduces airflow, but the mesh structure of the outer shell means it still breathes even with zippers and panels sealed up. Adding both the thermal and rain liners to the mix keeps the rider warm and dry in colder temps, but pre-dawn rides through a coastal California winter revealed those liners aren’t as thick as they seem while suiting up in the garage. Riding through a light rain after dark one evening revealed two things: the rain liner was indeed waterproof in this context, and the highly breathable outer shell allowed things to dry out quickly once the rain stopped, although with a bit of evaporative cooling as a secondary effect.

Testing the REV'IT! Offtrack suit.
The form-fitting Offtrack jacket and pants had an almost tailored feel to them, yet didn’t restrict movement.

While I experienced no crashes to “test” the armor, this is where the high level of the suit’s fitment is key. Through many days of hard riding on various bikes, setting up campsites, and hiking around for photos, the armor stays where it should be. It is confidence-inspiring to slip on a riding suit and have everything line up exactly as needed. Heavier polyester 600D panels are used in areas at greater risk of impact such as elbows and forearms. Crashing aside, these more durable panels and the lightweight, flexible CE Level 2 armor behind them see daily use in things such as kneeling to set up a tent, or sliding under a bike to deal with a mechanical issue. 

Who It Is For

The Offtrack is an adaptable suit with a price point that makes it a great starter suit for someone interested in trying adventure riding, and a feature set with a high level of fitment that will please even the experienced rider. While usable as a four-season adventure riding suit in warmer regions, the highly-breathable nature of the outer shell makes it more of a three- or 3.5-season suit.

We test the REV'IT! Offtrack Jacket and Pants.
Both thermal and waterproof liners make the Offtrack adaptable to different weather but its always-open mesh vents make it more of a three- or 3.5-season suit.

Our Verdict

Positioned as a mid-level adventure suit, the Offtrack’s precise fit and feature set checks many boxes found in higher-end suits. Given the entire suit at $728 can be had for less than the cost of some adventure jackets alone, it’s worth a look for anyone interested in lightweight and breathable adventure gear. 

What We Liked 

  • Excellent fit.
  • Effective ventilation scheme.
  • High build quality at this price point.
  • Unique adjustability features at the waist and collar.
  • CE Level-2 armor at the knees, elbows and shoulders. 

What Could Be Improved 

  • Small jacket pocket openings sometimes difficult to access.
  • Napoleon pocket lining can get caught in zipper.

REV’IT! Offtrack Colors & Price

JACKET COLORS: Black, Silver/Green, Sand, Silver/Blue, Silver/Red
PANT COLORS: Black, Black/Silver
SIZES: Jacket (SM-4XL), Pant (SM-4XL, SM-3XL Short, MD-2XL Tall)
PRICE: Jacket ($399), Pant ($329)

Shopping Options

Offtrack Jacket:

RevzillaCycle GearMotosport

Offtrack Pants:

RevzillaCycle GearMotosport

Author: Jon Beck

Jon Beck is fulfilling a dream of never figuring out what to be when he grows up. Racing mountain bikes, competitive surfing, and touring as a musician are somehow part of what led Jon to travel through over 40 countries so far as an adventure motorcycle photographer, journalist, and guide. From precision riding for cameras in Hollywood, to refilling a fountain pen for travel stories, Jon brings a rare blend of experience to the table. While he seems happiest when lost in a desert someplace, deadlines are met most of the time.

Author: Jon Beck

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