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ADV ProductsREV’IT! Poseidon 2 GTX: Full-Featured, 4-Season Adventure Suit

REV’IT! Poseidon 2 GTX: Full-Featured, 4-Season Adventure Suit

We test REV'IT!'s premium ADV Suit designed for cold & wet weather riding.

Published on 02.08.2019

REV'IT! Poseidon 2 GTX Adventure Motorcycle Suit

The multitasking Poseidon 2 GTX leans toward the road touring side of REV’IT!’s top of the line adventure riding suits, giving way to the Dominator, which has a more off-road focus. As the namesake of the Greek God of the Sea, one would expect excellent performance in the wet. It replaces the Poseidon, retaining many proven attributes but adopting some modifications. It’s billed as a four-season suit and I can say from my experience that it certainly lives up to the hype in winter weather.

REV’IT! Poseidon 2 GTX Tech

REV'IT! Poseidon 2GTX Adventure Motorcycle Suit
Large vent panels on the chest and thighs are held in place by glove-friendly magnetic fasteners.

The Poseidon 2 jacket’s outer layer is 400-denier high-tenacity nylon, which makes it softer and lighter than the 600-denier shell of its predecessor. REV’IT! starts the process of moisture control by lining the shell with laminated two- and three-layer Gore-Tex membranes, which allows perspiration to wick through. Their Aquadefence Ventilation Control System (VCS) offers six vents in the jacket. Lower arm vents from the original Poseidon have been moved to the upper arms where they can get more airflow riding in the seated position with a windscreen. Those open via 4” waterproof, rubberized zippers and two vertical 6” back vents provide an escape path. Two folding panels (now larger than before) open as chest vents and are held in place by REV’IT!’s easy-to-operate FidLock magnetic fasteners. They are a cinch to open or close in flight, making sudden showers easier to accommodate without stopping.

REV'IT! Poseidon 2GTX Adventure Motorcycle Suit


A sturdy plastic hook and single loop hold the collar open for more ventilation when needed. Closure is handled by an adjustable flexisnap, allowing proper fit for varying neck sizes. The removable storm collar shuts down wind and rain. When closed, a flexible, Neoprene throat piece contacts the Adam’s apple, reducing chafing, and a microfiber lining does the same for the permanent collar. A full-length rain gutter seals over the zipper in front, reinforcing the garment against the elements. Both jacket and pant also come with zip-in thermal liners for cold weather riding. The thermal liner is fairly basic in the jacket, not a destination liner that can be worn as a standalone garment.

REV'IT! Poseidon 2GTX Adventure Motorcycle Suit
Front pockets are protected by a storm flap and utilize waterproof zippers.
REV'IT! Poseidon 2GTX Adventure Motorcycle Suit
The jacket includes a zip-in thermal liner for cold weather riding.

The Poseidon 2 GTX pants use the same VCS technology and two- and three-layer Gore-Tex laminating process as the jacket. The two large thigh vent panels open in front and latch back with the magnetic FidLock fasteners, just like the chest pockets in the jacket. A YKK slide lock securely latches the fly and REV’IT!’s short and long connection zipper system allows the jacket or pant to attach to each other, or any other jacket or pant in the REV’IT! Line.

REV'IT! Poseidon 2GTX Adventure Motorcycle Suit
The Poseidon 2 GTX comes with Seeflex CE Level 2 armor in the knees, elbows and shoulders. A Seesoft CE Level 2 back protector is optional

As far as crash protection, the suit features Seeflex CE Level 2 shoulder, elbow and knee armor, along with Seesmart CE Level 1 hip protector inserts as standard equipment. Back and chest armor are optional. For abrasion protection, the jacket uses ceramic bead SuperFabric to cover the elbow and forearm area.


The jacket has two waterproof outside pockets in front, a single Napoleon pocket in the right-side vest area and a waterproof lumbar pocket. Two mesh pockets are located inside the jacket lining and a large stash pocket resides in the thermal liner.

REV'IT! Poseidon 2GTX Adventure Motorcycle Suit

The pants have two slit-style front pockets with 5” hooded, waterproof zipper closures just below the beltline. Zippered, Velcro flares open at the lower legs to facilitate putting on and taking off various-sized boots, including off-road boots.

Extra Features

  • Laminated, reflective accents including the REV’IT! logo grace the garment front and back and the jacket has attachment loops to accept their reflective vest.
  • Pull-tabs are used for strap adjustments at rib cage, upper and lower arms and lower pant legs.
  • Gussets can be zipped open at the jacket’s waist to allow more hip room.
  • The jacket lining accepts the Challenger cooling vest.
  • The pants have a grip panel in the seat to help prevent slippage.
  • YKK slide lock front closure ensures the fly won’t open spontaneously.

REV'IT! Poseidon 2GTX Adventure Motorcycle Suit

How it performed

A sage rider will tell you that there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear. It’s 40 degrees and raining hard as I head out for my final test of the new REV’IT! Poseidon 2. An hour into the ride my worn-out boots are soaking through. My hands are also going numb, as they so often do, but my body is warm and dry. Two hours in, I turn toward home, slog into the house and peel my boots from my cold and sodden feet. A lot of riding suits give up the ghost in a rain like this but the Poseidon 2 withstood the test with flying colors.

REV'IT! Poseidon 2GTX Adventure Motorcycle Suit

In the dirt, hard activity like negotiating rocks and sand in temps above 80 degrees I found the suit wanting a bit. With vents on the shoulders and not the lower arms, ventilation is more suited to sitting than standing, and there are no outflow vents in the pants. That said, REV’IT!’s large VCS vent panels on the thighs and chest are a nice touch for all but the warmest conditions.

Ergonomically, the pre formed shape of the jacket felt good. The 400D outer shell is also lightweight and pliable. The fit is classic European, snug in the arms and chest, and the pants are also slim but comfortable. I am 5’10” and 170 lb. The size chart called for size medium in both jacket and pants but I found the medium jacket much too tight. A large was a better fit, although still snug in the arms with the liner installed. Without liners the suit was roomy and comfortable. Arms are curved just enough to allow a relaxed riding position and the open grid design of strike point armor was malleable, even when cold. Flexibility of movement was good off-road in both pants and jacket. A grip panel in the seat also helped prevent unwanted movement when sitting.

Who is it for?

The REV’IT! Poseidon 2 GTX straddles the fence between a full-on adventure and a street touring suit. If you often find yourself in both environments, the Poseidon might just fit the bill. It works particularly well for those who ride frequently in cold wet climates. If you take your off-pavement riding seriously and ride a lot in the summer months, however, it might be a little warm for comfort.

REV'IT! Poseidon 2GTX Adventure Motorcycle Suit

Our Verdict

The Poseidon 2 GTX suit is versatile and comfortable. Although lacking hot weather ventilation to the extent I would prefer, it’s a breath of fresh air to be warm and dry at the end of a long, wet, winter ride. And with CE Level 2 armor in the shoulders, elbows and knees, you are well protected in all conditions.

What We Liked

  • 100% waterproof.
  • Durable cinch straps, not Velcro.
  • 400D nylon shell is tough but pliable.
  • FidLock flaps, YKK Slide Lock closure, and hook and loop collar are trick.

What Could Be Improved

  • A tad more room in the arms for layering.
  • Ventilation is marginal for a suit billed as four-season.
  • Pants and jacket pockets are hard to access while seated.
  • A jacket destination liner would be nice.

REV’IT! Poseidon 2 GTX Specs

COLORS: Black and Silver Anthracite
SIZES: Jacket (SM-4XL), Pant (SM-4XL, MD-2XL Short, MD-2XL Tall)
PRICE: Jacket ($899), Pant ($649)

Shopping Options

Poseidon 2 GTX Jacket:

Revzilla MotoSport Cycle Gear

Poseidon 2 GTX Pant:

Revzilla MotoSport Cycle Gear

Photos by Susan Dragoo

Author: Bill Dragoo

The adventure lifestyle permeates all he does, providing grist for the writing mill. Bill owns and operates DART (Dragoo Adventure Rider Training), an Oklahoma based school for folks seeking to improve their off road skills, primarily on big motorcycles. He is a certified BMW Motorrad Off Road Instructor and actively writes for several adventure related magazines. His work expands to the four-wheel overlanding community as well, as he and his wife Susan explore Mexico and the American West in their fast and light travel vehicle dubbed the Tacoma GS after the Gelande Strasse (Land and Street) line of BMW motorcycles.

Author: Bill Dragoo

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