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ADV ProductsTouratech Aventuro Carbon 2: Lightweight & Versatile ADV Helmet

Touratech Aventuro Carbon 2: Lightweight & Versatile ADV Helmet

We put Touratech's feature-laden premium Adventure Helmet to the test.

Published on 10.23.2018
When Touratech released their first Aventuro Carbon adventure helmet in 2015, they set their sights on offering one of the best premium helmets on the market. The original Aventuro Carbon started with a lightweight carbon shell, a generous number of vents, a goggle-friendly design and the ability to easily transform for street, adventure or dirt duties. It came loaded with features like quick-release emergency cheek pads, add-on accessories for action cams, an anti-fog pinlock lens, stick-on pads to fine-tune fit, and more.

Jump ahead a few years to 2018 and Touratech has now released a new and improved Adventure helmet in an effort to stay ahead of the competition. The new Aventuro Carbon 2 is still as feature-rich as the original but has been improved for both safety and comfort. Upgrades include 40% more airflow through the chin and top vents, bigger vent buttons for easier operation with gloves, a new peak angle adjuster, improved aerodynamics, and a thicker chin strap for better comfort. Additionally, size range has been expanded to a 3X while the helmet still weighs a feathery 3lb, 2oz (1430g) in a Medium.

Touratech Aventuro Carbon 2 Adventure Motorcycle Helmet

How It Performed

The shell of this helmet is a full carbon fiber construction, and that is immediately noticeable once you pick it up. Where the lack of weight really makes a big difference though is when the miles start adding up because a lighter helmet causes less stress on your neck and shoulders. Besides being light, carbon shells also have safety benefits over a typical polycarbonate helmets since the carbon fiber material helps spread the impact forces over a larger area.
Touratech Aventuro Carbon 2 Adventure Motorcycle Helmet

Good venting is a key area when it comes to comfort while riding off-road. The Aventuro Carbon 2 is equipped with 6 intake vents and 4 exhaust vents which amount to a claimed 40% increase in airflow over the previous model. All intake vents have big buttons to open and close them, which are easy to use with gloves on while riding. A new scoop-style vent under the visor pulls in quite a bit of air, and there are also two new brow vents directly above the face shield. The chin vent has been redesigned to allow more air to flow through and two intake vents at the very top round out the array of vents. With all of the vents open, the airflow is quite noticeable.


A revised liner is made with a hypoallergenic and moisture wicking Coolmax material and the foam has air channels in it which help move air through the helmet. The new interior is fairly plush and feels good on your face, remaining comfortable on long days.

Touratech Aventuro Carbon 2 Adventure Motorcycle Helmet
The bottom of the cheek pads has been changed to a more-durable perforated synthetic leather material.
Touratech Aventuro Carbon 2 Adventure Motorcycle Helmet
All intake vents are easy to open or close with a gloved hand.

One area where the previous model had some issues was that some owners felt the standard cheek pads were a bit too big. The one I tested fit me perfectly with the typical snug feel that a new helmet should have. Riders with rounder faces or thick facial hair may find the cheek pads a bit tight, but they should become looser once the helmet breaks in. The original Aventuro helmet offered optional cheek pads in different sizes and we would expect the same for the Aventuro Carbon 2. If you have a thin face, you can take advantage of the included Ergo padding system to fine tune the fit with adhesive foam pads.

The interior is Intercom ready with speaker cavities, wiring routing channels and even has a spot for your microphone. The bottom exterior rim has plenty of space to clamp an Intercom. Installing my Sena 10C was fairly painless but it did require a bit of research on how to correctly remove the liner without causing any damage. Luckily, the liner removal is quite easy once you know how to do it and it made for a nice clean install. The speaker cavities allow you to get the speakers right where they need to be without causing any pressure on your ears.

Touratech Aventuro Carbon 2 Adventure Motorcycle Helmet
The eyeport is large enough to easily accept my pair of Smith Fuel goggles, which don’t have that large of a frame, but there was still plenty of room for larger goggles.
Touratech Aventuro Carbon 2 Adventure Motorcycle Helmet
A clip on the back of the Aventuro Carbon 2 helps keep your goggle strap in place.

A great feature that many of these adventure helmets have is the ability to remove the peak and convert it to more of a street style, or to remove the face shield to make it more dirt friendly. The Aventuro allows you to do this in just a matter of seconds without any tools. A variety of different covers and a shield case are included if you decide to convert the helmet.

Using goggles is essential in dusty environments and you can easily throw a pair on this helmet, without having to remove the face shield. To help make it work even better with goggles, there is a clip on the back to hold the strap in place. A set of Quickstrap goggle side-plate mounts are also included.

The aerodynamics of the visor were changed to help reduce turbulence and flow air over the helmet. This also helps reduce the amount of noise, lift and head wobble you get from having a visor. The angle of the peak is now easily adjustable with a top screw and it still has the extender that lengthens it about a half an inch for better sun blockage.

Touratech Aventuro Carbon 2 Adventure Motorcycle Helmet

The face shield has a wide field of vision and unobstructed view. The included Pinlock lens converts the shield into a 2-layer lens which helps prevent fogging up on cold and wet days. With the Pinlock lens installed, you can see the edges of it, but it by no means obstructs your view. A tab in the center of the face shield allows you to open it easily with either hand and plenty of solid detents make it easy to adjust airflow to your taste.

If you are used to high-end street helmets, then this is probably going to be a bit noisier than what you are used to but it is pretty quiet for an adventure helmet. It is probably one of the quietest adventure helmets that I have worn. My Bluetooth Intercom seems considerably louder since I mounted it in the Aventuro Carbon 2.

Touratech Aventuro Carbon 2 Adventure Motorcycle Helmet
The Aventuro Carbon 2 comes with two different camera mount attachments (top and side) so you don’t have to use a sticky mount directly on the helmet.

Some helmets are now coming with a retractable inner sun shade and this can be a handy feature, but it also reduces impact protection in a critical area. Touratech puts a high priority on safety and retractable sun shades are also known to get jammed or scratched during off-road use, so they decided to skip this feature. Luckily, the liner has cutouts for glasses, so you can easily wear them without any discomfort. In the event of an accident, the cheek pads feature an emergency removal system to make it easier for Medical personnel to remove your helmet as well.

If you enjoy recording your rides with an action camera, the Aventuro Carbon 2 comes with two different mounts which easily attach, so you don’t have to apply a camera sticky mount directly to the shell. One of the camera mounts attaches to the top of the visor and its angle changes with the angle of the visor. The other mount attaches to either side of the helmet.

Who is it for

The Touratech Aventuro Carbon 2 is a great helmet for those that want a high-end, lightweight lid that will be comfortable for long rides. This is a great looking and nicely finished helmet. The craftsmanship and materials are all top notch, which is what you would expect for one at this price point. Sizing seems to be spot on with other major manufacturers and it has a pretty neutral shape, neither too round or too oval.

Touratech Aventuro Carbon 2 Adventure Motorcycle Helmet

Our Verdict

High-end helmets usually have a high-end price tag, and when you add carbon fiber to the mix it shouldn’t be a surprise that this is going to be expensive. Do all of the features justify the price? Well, you need to take into consideration the fact that this can be converted into a street, dirt or adventure helmet, so it can be your only helmet. Its lightweight, excellent venting and comfortable interior are all going to make rides less taxing on your body. The list of features like action camera mounts, intercom integration, Pinlock lens, and adjustable visor help round it out into a solid value. Some riders may choose this helmet for its bling factor, but it’s certainly a great piece of kit whether you are heading out on a trip around the block or around the world.

What we liked

• Lightweight and comfortable.
• Excellent venting.
• Loaded with safety features.

What could be improved

• High price may scare people away.
• Cheek pads may be a little tight for those with rounder faces.

Aventuro Carbon 2 Specs

COLORS: Core, Sky, Sport, Companero
SIZES: XS-XXL (3 Shell Sizes)
SAFETY: DOT and ECE 22.05 certified
MSRP: $599 (Solids); $649 (Graphics)
WEIGHT: SM 1380g (3lbs, 1oz); MD 1430g (3lbs, 2oz); LG 1480g (3lbs, 4oz)

Shopping Options:


Photos by Chad Berger

Author: Chad Berger

He’s a freelance journalist, photographer and tour guide from Wisconsin. Since 2004, Chad has been riding dual sport and adventure bikes all over the Midwest, the Black Hills of South Dakota, Moab, Baja, Alaska and many other places in between. He shares his experiences through the photography, videos and stories he produces from his trips. In 2008, Chad created a 600-mile dual sport route called the Trans Wisconsin Adventure Trail (TWAT), which eventually led to his becoming a tour guide for RIDE Adventures.

Author: Chad Berger

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October 24, 2018 7:05 am

My issue with this helmet is the LACK of a drop down sun visor. I never thought I’d like this feature until I tried it. As an eyeglass wearer, it removed my need for sunglasses and made it easy to transition from riding in mountain shadows, night, etc.

Chad Berger
Chad Berger
October 28, 2018 7:57 am
Reply to  markp06

If you like the helmet, but you require a drop down sun visor then you should check out the Nexx X-Wild helmet. Nexx manufactures these helmets for Touratech and Nexx’s version is similar, but isn’t carbon but does have the sun visor.

October 26, 2018 8:15 am

Chad: Have you used a Shoei Hornet X2? If yes, how is the noise level of the Aventuro 2 compared to it? Prices are comparable, so I believe this would be it’s direct competition. Also, I did not read about it’s chin strap attachment type. Double D rings, or some clip type? Thanks.

Chad Berger
Chad Berger
October 28, 2018 8:04 am
Reply to  Bob

I haven’t ridden with the Shoei, so I can’t really comment on that. An Arai XD-4 was my main helmet for probably 4 years, so I can say that it is significantly quieter than that. The chin strap is the traditional double d-ring style.

January 3, 2019 6:48 am
Reply to  Chad Berger

Just to be sure, you mean that the Touratech is quieter than the Araï?
Thanks for the review…

November 29, 2018 8:59 pm

For this price…I’d like a SNELL certification

David Ade
David Ade
June 6, 2019 4:26 am

Hi Sir, do you have visor transition for Aventuro carbon 2? Thx

Bob Burns
Bob Burns
October 3, 2019 8:57 am

Sad to say that the 3XL doesn’t fit my 66cm skull.

Christopher Blake
Christopher Blake
November 7, 2021 6:27 am

Lived with this helmet for six weeks now. It’s sh one t. Yes, it’s light and yes it has good visibility and good venting but so do a lot of other helmets. I bought this helmet because it’s from the Touratech range. I was expecting the same standard of design and functionality as the rest of their products. Sadly disappointed especially so given the price paid for it. All the add on plastic are poor because they’re very flimsy and likely to break very easily. It’s a fragile helmet.

The peak is adjustable but so flimsy you need to stop & take off your gloves to adjust it. The normal screw mechanism other helmets have for holding the visor and peak in place has been replaced by a thin pivot on a lever. You need bare hands to handle it. It is so thin it’ll break unless you’re very careful. There’s no robustness about it. It’s not Touratech in concept, in design or in function.

Next problem is the strap, it’s too thin and keeps folding in half and then gets stuck with the helmet wedged tightly on your head. Somebody has to help you untangle the strap. Really not Touratech in concept, design or function.

I use a Sena Comms kit. I mounted the Sena mounting kit with mic and speakers only to find that the comms set wouldn’t then fit on it’s mount. I had to remove the mounting kit, fit the comms set onto the mounting kit and then fit then mount onto the helmet. This means I can’t take off the Sena without a load of grief, The LS2 MX helmet which is about a third of the price is way better. The Shoei Hornet Adv helmet is also far superior.

This helmet shouldn’t be on the market for more than €150, it’s not as good as the new LS2 MX helmet and it’s infinitely poorer that the Shoei Hornet Adv helment. What a waste of money!

July 15, 2022 2:38 am

Brilliant helmet let down by a complete lack of new cheek pad availability, something this expensive should have the backup to justify the price


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