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ADV ProductsTouratech RallyeForm: Form-Fitting & Full-Coverage Skid Plate

Touratech RallyeForm: Form-Fitting & Full-Coverage Skid Plate

A sleek belly pan designed for low weight and maximum ground clearance.

Published on 11.02.2018
Touratech’s RallyeForm skid plate is unique in several ways, least of which is the spelling of its name! Originally developed for Touratech’s Rally Race Team, after winning the Hellas Rally big bike class and taking 2nd overall, putting the RallyeForm into production only made sense.

This 4mm thick cold stamped aluminum plate boasts a form-fitting smooth exterior and tubular stainless subframe. 500,000 pounds of force is used to press aluminum sheets into the precise shape of the motorcycles undercarriage. This cold stamping process transforming one layer of material into a three-dimensional shape has several advantages: No welds, rounded edges and smooth features. According to Touratech, the stamping method changes the crystalline structure of the material resulting in a tougher shell for better resistance to denting.

Installing the RallyeForm

Touratech RallyeForm Skid Plate

Upon arrival of our bare aluminum RallyeForm skid plate, we were pleasantly surprised by how light it was. Fit and finish were exactly what we’ve come to expect from Touratech, especially at this price point. At first glance, it was apparent that it offers excellent coverage of the sump, pipe and side cases, more than most on the market. Install was as direct as we could have hoped for on our KTM 1090 Adventure R, sharing forward mounting positions with the factory crash bars and foot pegs in the rear.


The tubular front sub-frame incorporated with the factory crash bars was of particular note adding extra protection and rigidity. Clear instructions and quality hardware had us cracking celebratory LA Croix in under an hour. With all fasteners drenched in blue Loctite, we were ready to see how it would hold up to extensive adventuring.

How It Performed

Touratech RallyeForm Skid Plate

We tested the RallyeForm over 5,000 miles in a two-month period that found us riding everything from alpine trails in Utah to open aired dessert in Eastern Oregon. Impacts were sustained, mud was collected, and scars were acquired. The entire weight of our 1090 was rested on the RallyeForm several times when crossing logs or stepping up rock shelves, and it never buckled despite showing signs of wear.

Despite Touratech’s claims that the cold stamping process helps to prevent denting, we still found it reasonably easy to mar. The worst disfigurements were acquired on a section of the WABDR (Washington Backcountry Discovery Route) endearingly dubbed “Baby Head Hill.” This nasty uphill slog is strewn with cantaloupe-sized rocks that make hard impacts unavoidable when carrying necessary speed. Stones could be heard clanging off the aluminum body and resonating like a bell! While the dents and scratches on the skid plate looked dramatic, there was never any damage to the exhaust header or engine cases underneath. The most noticeable advantage of the RallyeForm skid plate we found during testing was its smooth surface, which allowed our 1090 to slide over objects that might have otherwise hung us up.

Touratech RallyeForm Skid Plate
Battle wounds from a nasty rock garden uphill slog. Still, there was no damage underneath the skid plate.

The form-fitting nature of this belly pan means that it retains maximum ground clearance, which was appreciated in many dicey situations as well. Even though we initially shared some concern over possible overheating due to the hot-blooded nature of the LC8 engine and lack of venting on the RallyeForm, we never experienced any issues. We put this to the test in triple-digit temperatures for consecutive days. A small issue we did notice was that no matter how much thread locker we used on the rear mounting fasteners, they always managed to work themselves loose. Our solution was to use a combination of Loctite and lock washers with slightly longer bolts.

When it was time for servicing the 1090, removal of the plate after the initial install was painless and mounting brackets did not inhibit any work. Two fasteners in the rear and four up front ensure secure mounting but also hassle-free removal. It was exactly what we look for in a skid plate: robust, expansive and uncomplicated.

Touratech RallyeForm Skid Plate

Who’s It For?

Touratech’s RallyeForm skid plate is for anyone looking to safeguard the vital bits of their bike comprehensively. Its streamlined design means it’s more than likely the lightest belly pan out there that offers this amount of coverage and protection. Not to mention, it maximizes available ground clearance. Potential buyers seeking an attractive option in protection should give this a hard look. Likewise, aggressive riders should consider the RallyeForm for its ability to slide over obstacles and keep overall bike weight at a minimum.

Our Verdict

The RallyeForm is a breath of fresh air in the stuffy adventure bike belly pan world. Its sleekness, low weight, and coverage make it an excellent option for those riders looking to take their bikes far off the beaten path. It held up to all we could throw at it and made a notable difference in multiple riding scenarios. Being one of the most aesthetically pleasing protection options to boot doesn’t hurt either.

Touratech RallyeForm Skid Plate

What We Liked

  • Coverage: High in the front and extending farther underneath than most other options for this model.
  • Form Fitting: Sleek aesthetics don’t take away from the look and lines of the machine.
  • Lightweight: Never noticed it was there until we bottomed out or it deflected debris, which is about all we can ask for!

What Could Be Improved

  • Thickness: A slightly thicker aluminum might help improve dent resistance.
  • Mounting Hardware: Include longer bolts, lock-nuts and Loctite to ensure rear mounting fasteners don’t loosen up.

Aventuro Carbon 2 Specs

MATERIAL: 4mm sheet aluminum
COLORS: Bare Aluminum, Anodized Black
COMPATIBILITY: KTM 1090, 1190 & 1290 ADV; Honda Africa Twin DCT & Std; BMW R1200GS & GSA
MSRP: $429.95

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Photos by Spencer Hill, Blake Draguesku and Chris Hunt

Author: Spencer Hill

“The Gear Dude” has been fueling his motorcycle addiction with adventure since first swinging his leg over a bike in 2010. Whether he’s exploring his own backyard in the Pacific Northwest or crisscrossing the United States, Spencer is always in search of scenic off-road routes, epic camping locations and the best gear possible. He began writing shortly after taking up two-wheel travel to share his experiences and offer insight with his extensive backpacking, camping and overland background.

Author: Spencer Hill

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