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ADV ProductsTrail Tech Launches Feature-Packed GPS for ADV Riders

Trail Tech Launches Feature-Packed GPS for ADV Riders

The new Voyager Pro offers fresh new features designed for adventure riders.

Published on 02.15.2018

When it comes to (the dark art of) dirt bike electronics, Trail Tech is widely regarded as a frontrunner in the industry. With the release of their long-awaited Voyager Pro GPS system though, they might secure their place at the head of the pack.

The new Voyager Pro is a nifty piece of technology that packs more promise than any GPS product we’ve seen in a while. Are we excited? You bet! Beyond the unit’s standard GPS capabilities that include pre-loaded topographic maps and the ability to record waypoints, it also boasts some enticing new features like buddy tracking and an emergency beacon.

Trail Tech Voyager Pro
The upgraded color display offers maps with topo and hillshading. Other features include buddy tracking, bluetooth connectivity, tracks, routes, waypoints and more.


The Voyager Pro represents an exciting progression in Trail Tech’s digital gauge lineup. Its predecessor — the Voyager — was an off-road-specific unit with a limited range functionality targeted to dirt bikes. Wheel, temperature, power and tachometer sensors were included with these units and offered supplemental information to go along with its prime function as a GPS unit. The Voyage ‘Pro’ is poised to be a real evolution, offering the same favorite features as the Voyager, while expanding on them with a larger glove friendly 4″ color display and an array of new capabilities.

GPS Capabilities

Color topographical maps displayed on a large glare-resistant screen, support tracks, routes, and waypoints with the ability to plan and record entire trail systems. You are also able to import and export GPX files from the unit for simplified map sharing with friends. The ability to customize map layer colors and set waypoints as destinations further enhances the unit’s usefulness on the trail. The unit also displays a graph of the sky and visible GPS satellites in orbit with corresponding strength signals.

What’s more, the Voyager Pro has the ability to track up to 20 buddies on a map while you ride and has an emergency beacon feature. Details are still scarce on how they plan to implement these two features but if executed correctly, they could be a real game-changer for adventure riders.

Trail Tech Voyager Pro Dedicated GPS Unit for dual sport Motorcycle

Vehicle Data

User configurable screens utilize sensor and GPS input to keep you informed on your motorcycle’s vitals and the status of your ride. The unit displays speed, temperature (ambient/internal), distance, elevation and voltage.

Trail Tech Voyager Pro Dedicated GPS Unit for Motorcycle

Bluetooth Connectivity

The dedicated “Media Screen” allows you to control song playback on your phone, adjust headset volume, switch music sources, manage intercom communication, and access phone dialing, call history and messaging features. This is especially exciting for Sena Bluetooth Headset users as this unit was designed specifically to integrate with their products.

Trail Tech Voyager Pro Dedicated GPS Unit for adventure Motorcycle
The new Trail Tech Voyager Pro integrates with your phone via Bluetooth. It is also compatible with Sena Bluetooh headsets.

For accessories, Trail Tech says they will offer additional vehicle sensors, GPS antennas, and other power cables to help you get the most out of the Voyager Pro. Like other Trail Tech parts, this new unit will be compatible with popular RAM mounting systems.

With the release of the new Voyager Pro, Trail Tech is now venturing into the broader realm of ADV, Touring and Street riding. If their success in dirt bike GPS technology is any indicator, we expect their latest device will have a lot to offer these new markets. We eagerly await the opportunity to get our hands on one for testing to see if its ready for the big stage.

Voyager Pro Highlights

• Record Tracks
• GPX file import and export
• Drop customized waypoints
• Set waypoints as destination
• Glove friendly 4″ touch-screen
• Pre-loaded topo maps
• Map Layers
• Color Display
• Plan & record entire trail systems
• Tachometer
• Bluetooth phone and headset interaction
• Lap Timer
• Buddy Tracking (Cellular service not required)
• Track up to 20 buddies
• Emergency beacon
• GPS satellites tracker

The Voyager Pro retails for $599.95 and is now available for pre-order with shipping announced for Spring 2018. For more information, go to

Author: Spencer Hill

“The Gear Dude” has been fueling his motorcycle addiction with adventure since first swinging his leg over a bike in 2010. Whether he’s exploring his own backyard in the Pacific Northwest or crisscrossing the United States, Spencer is always in search of scenic off-road routes, epic camping locations and the best gear possible. He began writing shortly after taking up two-wheel travel to share his experiences and offer insight with his extensive backpacking, camping and overland background.

Author: Spencer Hill

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February 15, 2018 12:47 pm

Hmmmm!! This looks very interesting. I’ve been using a Garmin Montana 600 for quite a few years, and it’s “okay” at best. Downside of making a switch is having to change the powered mounts on all of my bikes, so it would be quite costly. One thing I didn’t see on their website was a proper “Specs” page listing stuff like actual screen resolution. It also doesn’t say (at least that I saw) that it was waterproof.

February 16, 2018 10:49 pm

Strange screen format. It does not matter if you prefer north up (like me) or riding direction upwards: a square screen would always be best, showing an even area all around your current direction. Why would you want to see whats a few km on the left and right, but hardly where you are going? That alone disqualifies the decice!

February 20, 2018 6:54 am

This is an exciting new choice for those who are looking for a new system, as opposed to changing from an existing system. Funny, though, the Voyager did not come up in any of my searches when looking for a new off road capable GPS. They’re not advertising enough, probably relying on word of mouth. I want to see specifics about the things already mentioned from the forum member messages here (good questions!), and these questions: 1) More pictures / details about the mounting infrastructure please, specifically any connectors for external power, and aux interfaces (the “other sensor” I/O). 2) More details (there are *none* given here) about the accompanying software. The a) maps, and b) planning software. These are the areas that the other manufacturers fail at. They leak water around the screen or power I/O, they do not accept track files (this one does, Yay++), the software fails at the planning / user entry stage, or the connectors in the dedicated mounting hardware fail. These are a big deal for me if I’m going to drop $600 for a dedicated GPS. I’m looking to buy in the short term, and this new system qualifies as an entrant in my time frame. More Details and Photos, Please.

Dean Henthorn
Dean Henthorn
March 4, 2019 10:38 am
Reply to  Bob

Did you visit the website? Or just rely on this report? The website answered most of the questions that I see posted. Just a suggestion

February 20, 2018 11:47 am

I sent this to their tech support:

I am making a purchase decision on a dedicated GPS for off-road use shortly. I’m actively looking for a new dedicated GPS Nav system.

Would you please answer the following question regarding the upcoming VoyagerPro GPS device?

You may add any answer / information to the FAQ, for future reference.


1) Is the VoyagerPro waterproof?
2) What is the screen resolution?
3) Is it firmware updateable by the purchaser?
4) What vendor do the pre-installed USA Topo maps come from? What version is installed?
5) Are the topo maps a “free lifetime update”?
6) Will the VoyagerPro come with the cradle / mount?
7) Will there be planning software supplied? (think: BaseCamp).
8) Can you supply a picture of the rear of the unit?

Thank You!

Joshua Barton
Joshua Barton
February 20, 2018 12:39 pm
Reply to  Bob

We love the questions on this thread about our brand new Voyager Pro Device. Here’s some answers for you.

1) Is the VoyagerPro waterproof? Yes – IP67
2) What is the screen resolution? 480×272
3) Is it firmware updateable by the purchaser? Yes – we will have a landing page to update the firmware when new revisions are released.
4) What vendor do the pre-installed USA Topo maps come from? What version is installed? We are using OpenStreetMaps “OSM” as our base layer. We have developed these maps internally.
5) Are the topo maps a “free lifetime update”? Yes – there will be a landing page to upload maps.
6) Will the VoyagerPro come with the cradle / mount? Yes – the Voyager Pro will come with dock for mounting. We use the AMPS mounting pattern aligning with RAM Mounts.
7) Will there be planning software supplied? (think: BaseCamp). We are in progress on updating our website. Check it out.
8) Can you supply a picture of the rear of the unit? I could not get it to paste into this comment field. We will offer on our website in the future.

March 5, 2018 11:28 am
Reply to  Joshua Barton

These are satisfactory responses to my questions. Thank You! This appears to be a well thought out system of HW and SW. If it becomes a more reliable product than “the other guy’s” latest offering, then this would climb to the top of my selection list, even at the $600.00 entry point.

From the picture of the back (below), I have three comments: I like that the USB connection is positioned on the side (not in back) of the unit. I like the robust looking cradle / mount attachment points, and the power connection “nubs”. These nubs may “dimple” over remove / replace (into / out of cradle) cycles, and are generally a weak point in these systems. These look OK. Be sure they dont move over time as they’re being pushed against. I don’t think I like that the battery is replaceable only by opening the unit and thereby maybe compromising the water seal. That choice is a compromise, I understand the selection of making it internal access only. Anyway, thanks very much for providing the info!

ADV Pulse
ADV Pulse
February 20, 2018 3:55 pm
Reply to  Bob

Here’s a photo of the back of the unit supplied by Trail Tech:

February 20, 2018 1:31 pm

why does nobody offers an up-to-date android based GPS?? My Monterra offers me all the freedom of choice regarding software. No replacement in sight 🙁

Michael Faoro
Michael Faoro
February 26, 2018 8:28 pm

Joshua: will it give turn by turn directions via the Bluetooth.

Also, can you confirm: only music on the phone can be played? Or is their an onboard music player that can access a mini-sold card.

Joshua Barton
Joshua Barton
March 8, 2018 5:01 pm
Reply to  Michael Faoro

We do not have turn by turn with this initial release. It is planned for the future. The device will pair with your phone and show your contact list, incoming phone and text messages, and allow you to control the music on your phone. Thank you!

May 25, 2018 9:40 am

I see turn by turn isn’t available yet, any time frame for a release/update? I’d also like to know if the unit is routeable? I’m assuming that we will be able to have the phone synced for directions through the Pro, is this correct?
Not have turn by turn is the only real downside, isn’t a deal breaker (I’m getting, gulp, three).
I’d also like to know if you will be offering a dual Odometer and hour meter feature so we can use the same head on multiple bikes. That would be huge…

Andre Herculano
Andre Herculano
June 4, 2018 7:44 am

Wow, it’s everything we ever asked for adv/dual-sport riding. In the moment turn-by-turn is release I’m ordering one.

Dean Henthorn
Dean Henthorn
March 4, 2019 10:36 am

Has anyone used this yet?

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October 19, 2021 9:01 pm

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