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ADV ProductsADV Bike AccessoriesWe Trail Test the New Wolfman Enduro UltraLite Soft Luggage

We Trail Test the New Wolfman Enduro UltraLite Soft Luggage

Ultralight top duffel and saddlebags for minimalist packing dual sport riders.

Published on 07.14.2015

With more manufacturers bringing small-displacement dual sport motorcycles to market, the need for light-weight performance oriented luggage systems that work well for these smaller bikes has risen. Wolfman Luggage of Colorado has been in the business of building motorcycle luggage for over 20 years and has been a constant innovator in off-road specific soft luggage. This year they introduced a new luggage systems specifically for ultralight packing dual sport riders — the Enduro Dry and Enduro UltraLite series.

Both luggage systems are identical in design and function, with the only difference being the shell fabric. The less-expensive Enduro Dry Top Duffel and Saddlebags are made with traditional rugged Ballistic Vinyl, while the UltraLite series are made of lighter — yet also rugged — X-Pac Sailcloth Fabric. The lighter Enduro UltraLite saddle bags and top duffel we tested will save you roughly one pound over the Enduro Dry bags.

Wolfman Enduro Ultralight top duffel bag and saddlebags
The Enduro Ultralite bags utilize a simple roll-top closure system and include 100% waterproof removable liners.

The Enduro UltraLite Saddlebags and Top Duffel both utilize a simple roll-top, zipper-less closure that allows them to pack down small when partially loaded. The bags are made 100% waterproof with the addition of bright yellow removable liners that help make finding your stored items much easier. Both top duffel and saddlebags combine for 51 liters of storage — more than enough space for several days in the back country.


The 24-liter (12 liters per side) saddlebags are at the heart of the Enduro UltraLite luggage system. By designing these bags to mount right against the body of the bike, they are able to carry a significant amount of gear while maintaining a narrower profile. The mounting system is versatile enough to fit virtually any motorcycle and the replaceable mounting straps allow you to cut them to size without limiting your ability to move the luggage over to another bike in the future.

Wolfman Kiowa Heat Shield

Avoid melting your saddlebags on the hot exhaust with Wolfman’s Kiowa Heat Shield.

A major design challenge for most rackless saddlebags is how to avoid melting them on the hot exhaust. Much care has been taken in designing an adaptable mounting system for the Enduro UltraLite saddlebags to ensure they can be positioned out of the way of the exhaust. For those bikes where contact cannot be avoided, Wolfman offers an optional Kiowa Heat Shield.

The most versatile piece of the Enduro UltraLite luggage system is the Duffel Bag. Center and side compression straps keep everything in place whether using the full 27 liters of capacity or a smaller load. The bag includes a form-fitted waterproof liner, carry handles, a removable shoulder strap, and it can be mounted to a rack or attached directly to any of the Wolfman Enduro saddlebags.

We installed UltraLite Duffel Bag and Saddlebags on two different smaller dual sport motorcycles, the Honda CRF250L and a KTM 690 Enduro R. Mounting the UltraLite Bags took some time to get everything precisely aligned. Once installed, the system was incredibly solid and didn’t interfere with the rider’s body movements during aggressive off-road riding. The luggage system can easily be removed and re-installed once it has been fitted for a specific bike.

We were able to stuff the bags with all our camping gear for multi-day adventure rides, but you can easily increase your capacity by attaching Small Rolie Bags to a rear rack. There are also eight D-Drings on the saddlebags which can be used for strapping on more gear.

motorcycle camping ultralite packing
Everything you need for an extended trip can be fit inside the Wolfman Enduro Ultralite saddlebags and top duffel.
wolfmam enduro ultralite with small rolie
Adding a Wolfman Small Rolie Bag attached to the rear rack provides easy access storage to a first aid kit or tools.

Riding mid-winter and early spring in Wisconsin, we encountered a lot of rain. The removable liners did their job and kept our gear completely dry through all types of weather and riding conditions. The KTM 690 threw us a bit of a challenge with its fuel filler cap behind the seat where the bags strap on. Luckily, the duffel bag mounting straps can be easily loosened to allow it to be slid out of the way when refueling.

The new Enduro UltraLite bags proved to be an extremely light, waterproof and versatile luggage system. While getting everything installed and properly aligned can take a bit of work the first time installing them, they make up for it by staying firmly in place and out of the way during your ride.

If you want to travel into the back country on a high-performance dual sport but don’t want to compromise your bike’s nimble handling, the Enduro UltraLite bags are a great option. While the price may seem a bit steep to some, the quality and durability of the bags will ensure they withstand years of abuse. You’ll pay a premium for going ultralight, but if you don’t mind carrying an extra pound, you can save $50 by opting for the Enduro Dry series soft bags.

Favorite Features:

  • Adjusts easily to smaller or larger loads.
  • Extremely light bags with lots of storage.
  • Stay firmly connected to the bike on rough terrain.
Minor Gripes:

  • Can be a bit difficult to get aligned on first install.

Shopping Options:

Enduro UltraLite Duffel

Revzilla eBay Rocky Mountain ATV/MC

Enduro UltraLite Saddlebags

Revzilla eBay Rocky Mountain ATV/MC

Author: Chad Berger

He’s a freelance journalist, photographer and tour guide from Wisconsin. Since 2004, Chad has been riding dual sport and adventure bikes all over the Midwest, the Black Hills of South Dakota, Moab, Baja, Alaska and many other places in between. He shares his experiences through the photography, videos and stories he produces from his trips. In 2008, Chad created a 600-mile dual sport route called the Trans Wisconsin Adventure Trail (TWAT), which eventually led to his becoming a tour guide for RIDE Adventures.

Author: Chad Berger

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Garry Twentyman
Garry Twentyman
September 21, 2015 4:08 am

Thus us a sad story with a happy ending. Thanks Wolfman…

I recently purchased the Enduro dry saddlebags and expedition dry duffel after a lot of research. They were for a dr650.unfortunately I didn’t know about the heat shield, as the dr is one of those bike you really need to upgrade with the shield…the heat not only melted but ignited the contents of my saddle bag. Luckily it was so securely mounted (as you say in your review) the lack of oxygen snuffed it out before things got worse…

Anyway I live in Australia, so I contacted wolfman via email , they could not have been more apologetic (it wasn’t their fault) andand immediately replaced my destroyed gear in an act of good will that I won’t forget.

I love this product, but more importantly to me, their after sales customer service is top rate.

Garry Twentyman


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