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ADV ProductsNEMO GoGo Elite 1-Person Minimalist Air-Supported Tent

NEMO GoGo Elite 1-Person Minimalist Air-Supported Tent

 Poleless 1-person 1.2 lb tent provides a comfortable sleep on the trail.

Published on 07.10.2015
The lightweight NEMO GoGo Elite tent uses air instead of poles for support, allowing it to pack down to an incredibly small pack size.

Few things are more important to an adventure rider on the trail than a sound night’s sleep. A shelter must also be durable, lightweight, comfortable, compact, and easy to erect — all boxes THE NEMO GoGo Elite 1-person tent ticks.

The NEMO GoGo Elite is a cleverly designed minimalist tent that boasts a revolutionary inflatable beam system to eliminate the awkward aluminium poles, cut weight to an astonishing 1 lb and 4 oz (560 g), and allow the tent to be squashed into a quart-sized (1 litre) water bottle.

A simple but effective bladder pump, with non-return air valve, inflates the supporting beam that props up an interior with a 19 square feet (1.77sq/m) floor area. Measuring 27 in (69 cm) at its highest and 41 in (104 cm) at its widest, the vestibule adds a welcome 5 sq ft (0.5 sq/m) for storing gear, while the swallowtail design raises the tent above one’s feet for greater comfort and more ventilation.


Made from NEMO’s patented waterproof breathable fine-weave 10 denier (10D) fabric, reviewers give high praise to Elite’s workmanship. At $429, the Elite isn’t cheap but nevertheless scores top for value. The only gripe is condensation under cold or wet conditions that is easily solved with a lightweight plastic sheet protecting the tent from damp surfaces.

The NEMO GoGo Elite comes in a neat package that includes four ground pegs, pump and a repair kit in case the removable air channel suffers an unlikely puncture.

NEMO GoGo Elite 1-Person Tent
Erecting the NEMO GoGo Elite tent is as easy as just blowing it up with air.

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Author: Derek Alberts

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3 thoughts on “NEMO GoGo Elite 1-Person Minimalist Air-Supported Tent

  1. The illustration infers the tent is not attached to the floor. I suspect this is not correct, but the illustration certainly implies it.

    Additionally, why would you want to pack your tent in a water bottle? Condensation from a nights breathing could impart a sour smell in no time. yuk.