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Financial Advisor Leaves Job to Seek Adventure on 2 Wheels

20,000-mile journey from Argentina to L.A. becomes adventure of a lifetime.

Published on 05.06.2016
Financial advisor Jason Richter had a great job in Los Angeles, but put it all on the line for the trip of a lifetime across Central and South America.

At age 34, Jason Richter had worked eleven years as a financial consultant. In his daily job, he advised others to work hard, invest and save money but eventually it got harder to follow his own advice. At some point he realized he lost his mojo and the only cure was to get away, unplug and go experience some type of adventure. His cure would be a nearly 7-month ride on a KLR650 from the tip of Argentina back home to Los Angeles.

Before taking the plunge, he had many fears to overcome. How would he live with no paycheck for half a year? Would taking off so much time affect the advancement of his career? How would he manage the trip without speaking Spanish? At some point he realized if he didn’t do it now, the time would never come. Jason made arrangements for a sabbatical and before long, he was on a flight to Buenos Aires in search of true adventure.

Jason Richter escapes the grind in search of adventure.


His trusty KLR650 turned out to be a smart choice for the trip – simple, low cost and even a novice mechanic could work on the bike. While on the road, he soon learned he was an inspiration to others he met. By living out his dream of exploring the world, it allowed him to connect with other people with the same aspirations to travel.

After covering roughly 20,000 miles and riding through 13 countries, Jason gained a better understanding for how the world really works and a new perspective on life. In the end, everything he gave up financially was worth far less than the wealth of experience he gained.

Jason Richter escapes the grind in search of adventure.

Have you taken the plunge yet? If so, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section on what you gave up and what you gained from the experience.

Author: ADV Pulse Staff

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12 thoughts on “Financial Advisor Leaves Job to Seek Adventure on 2 Wheels

  1. Good Luck Jason, you will love every minute of your trip I am sure. I have recently returned from a similar journey 8 moth through South and Central America. I fell in love with Latin America, it is easy to travel through but difficult enough to still be a real adventure. The people are absolutely amazing, I am wish I could go back and do it all over again 🙂

  2. Fantastic experience riding through Central and South America, good on you Jason for leaving your comfort zone which so many people have trouble doing these days. Whether he had a high flying position or was a street sweeper means nought when it comes to setting a goal and going about achieving it.

    My adventure personally took me from Australia to Africa to ride after a near life ending accident and was part of a positive goal I set myself on my road to recovery. When I finally left I set no time limit or expectations of how far I had to travel only that I would go as part of my positive goal. Well after riding through Africa for 12 months I continued on and I’m still on the road in South East Asia now after travelling to almost 90 countries over 5 and a half years visiting every continent.

    Has it changed me nahhh I don’t think so, I’ve fortunately always had a good life and appreciated every moment of it but boy is riding a motorcycle around the world fun. The people you meet the sights you see there’s just something special about the connection you get from the people of the world when riding a motorcycle through their country region or town.

    If your ever thinking of having your own adventure go for it common sense will keep you safe everywhere, pack as heavy or as light as you want, ride what ever bike you like and remember it’s your adventure and just like Jason, I and so many others you will have an incredible experience full of fun times.

  3. I rode across the US from Boston to Chicago to LA via Route 66. I was on the road for five weeks. It was an amazing trip and a great way to see the US. I met and chatted with so many people along the way. I’ve met so many people who yearns for adventure in their lives but don’t think they do it because of money, wife, kids, works, etc. They see it as a huge daunting endeavor. So did I before I went on my trip. But it’s just one step in front of another. Start small – go for a weekend adventure, then a long weekend, then a week long. If that’s all you can do, then that’s great! You can replenish money, but time is finite. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. Do it before time runs out.

  4. Hello Jeason, after being widowed and have a bad experience with another woman, I decided to make my trip, I am in the process of seeing the issue of money and leave in December to reach Alaska from Punta Arenas Chile.
    I hope we are on the road and if you decide to travel to Chile in Motorbike me know ………. until December 2016

  5. Wish I had the gusto to do something like that for an adventure of a lifetime. Sadly with three kids to support the dream will have to wait a bit.

  6. A few years later, my dream is finally about to be realized. I’ve known Jason for a while and have always been inspired by him. Now, it’s my turn to ride my bike through central and south america. Jason, thanks for all your words of wisdom and advise but most of all for sharing great and inspiring stories of your adventure. Cheers!

  7. I sold my house, quit my job, and now been on the road aprox 5 month. Europe, USA coast to to coast, central america, and now in Columbia. Next to Ushuaia, New Zealand, Australia, SE asia etc. and back to europe. Meaby one year still to go. Is it worth it? Hell yes! There is lot of people thinking about RTW or something big trip, but 99% are too sceared to go, why? Do it! We live only once!

  8. It’s a bold step but in the end, what matters is that people follow their dreams. This changes if more and more people depend on you, but nothing should stop you from becoming the person you want to be.


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