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ADV BikesBMW Announces R1200GSA Rallye Version and New Features

BMW Announces R1200GSA Rallye Version and New Features

Model year 2018 sees several updates for BMW's flagship machine.

Published on 07.07.2017

BMW has announced a number of updates for their popular flagship model. As of model year 2018, the R1200GS Adventure’s range of optional equipment is extended to include a full-color TFT dashboard, the new generation of electronic suspension adjustment Dynamic ESA, Pro Riding modes and several specialized packages.

Among the new offerings for the R1200GSA will be a Rallye package which includes an off-road focused one-piece bench seat, radiator and frame protection and an enduro short windshield. The Rallye scheme is further emphasized with gold brake calipers and Light White/Cordoba blue paintwork.

BMW Motorrad R1200GSA Rallye package


BMW Motorrad R1200GSA Rallye package

BMW Motorrad R1200GSA Rallye seat

With a focus on riding safety and riding comfort, BMW is also expanding the R1200GSA options with features such as an “Enduro Pro” mode that utilizes lean angle data to determine the proper braking force to apply. Another new option is a Dynamic ESA with a self-leveling suspension function that automatically adjusts the suspension height depending on the bike’s load.

Providing fast and clear information for the rider, the R1200GSA will also be available with a new Connectivity option featuring a high-quality 6.5 inch full-color TFT display. The TFT dashboard allows quick access to motorcycle functions through a convenient handlebar controller and can also be paired to a smartphone, further giving the dashboard access to phone functions such as calling capabilities and media playblack.

BMW Motorrad R1200GS Connectivity TFT Dash Screen
BMW Motorrad R1200GS Connectivity TFT Dash Screen
BMW Motorrad R1200GS Connectivity TFT Dash Screen

BMW Motorrad R1200GS Connectivity TFT Dash Screen
The new Connectivity option features a high-quality 6.5 inch full-color TFT display operated through a handlebar multi-controller and can also be paired to a smartphone giving access to phone functions.

A new passenger package, extra high seat, Keyless Ride as a new component of the Touring optional equipment package as well as the Shift Assistant Pro as a new feature of the Dynamic optional equipment Package round off the expanded range of options for the R1200GS Adventure.

The R1200GS Adventure in the new configurations can be ordered from all BMW Motorrad partners starting August 2017.

New Features Overview

• Emergency Call (optional equipment).
• Connectivity (optional equipment).
• Pro riding modes with additional “Dynamic” and “Enduro” riding modes. Using a coding plug, the “Dynamic” mode is changed to “Dynamic Pro” and the “Enduro” mode to “Enduro Pro” mode. The Pro riding mode continues to feature ABS Pro, dynamic brake light, Dynamic Traction Control DTC as well as Hill Start Control HSC (optional equipment).
• Dynamic ESA next generation with automatic damping adjustment and automatic self-leveling function (optional equipment).
• Keyless Ride as a new component of the Touring Package (optional equipment).
• Shift Assistant Pro as a new component of the Dynamic Package (optional equipment).
• Passenger package with standard windshield and standard seat (optional equipment).
• High Rallye seat (optional equipment).
• LED auxiliary headlights in new design (optional equipment).
• New color Racing red, black frame, black brake callipers, silver fuel tank.
• Style Rallye: new color Light white/Cordoba blue, Cordoba blue frame, gold brake calipers, Cordoba blue fuel tank with large logo, Rallye seat, radiator and frame protection, short windshield.
• Style Exclusive: new color Black storm metallic/Dark slate metallic matte/Achat grey, frame Achat grey, gold brake callipers, Dark slate metallic fuel tank with large logo.

Author: ADV Pulse Staff

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17 thoughts on “BMW Announces R1200GSA Rallye Version and New Features

  1. Will never buy a BMW again after, they brag about customer service….more like lip service, hello Honda your up.

    • The problem with Honda is resale value. I bought a 1981 CB900F brand new in May 1981. The next year Honda came out with the CB1100F and I thought I would trade in the 900F for an 1100F. The Honda dealer only offered me $900 for my 900F with less than 2,000 kilometers on it. I decided to keep the 900F and still have it in the garage after 36 years. By the way, the Honda has only given me one problem in 36 years. The stator packed it in around 20,000 kilometers. The bike is still like brand new. If you don’t care about resale value, the Honda is better than BMW. The BMW service and parts prices are atrocious.

  2. i only see people with these that have perfectly clean bikes and and brand new riding gear and those stupid flip up helmets-almost like it’s kept in the garage and brought out once a year

    • Well, some kf those bikes here in scandinavia are really used off the pavement! However I am wondering how many are really ever used in a rally? Probably none!
      Snd about the flipup helmet: they are not as stupid at all: they make it easier to communicate (I like to show my face to the people I am talking to – most important with non-motorcyclists), they make it possible to do proper photography using the viewfinder of a camera and you can drink out of a bottle if you don’t have a camel back. I find it more ridiculous to wear an offroad helmet and ride only pavement! 😉

    • I’ve had three GS 1200s, currently riding an F800 GSA. Super bikes both of them, now thinking of getting another 1200 GS. I have done lots of mainline logging roads and smaller trails on the 1200, a thousand mile day ride, can’t say enough about it, all care free riding with the great warranty and road side assistance. Yes, they maybe on the expensive side but I’m a satisfied customer. I recently took out a Honda Africa Twin, Honda is good, but I didn’t care for it one
      bit…still a good bike no doubt.
      Lets get real about what any five hundred pound plus bike is capable of, if you drop it you have to pick it up. I’m getting too old for some of what I’v done and what I see on Youtube. I’m a little more picky about the dirt roads that I ride, I enjoy my dual purpose machines.

  3. I have a 2016 BMW R1200GSA with 30,468 kilometers. I drove across Canada and back. Great bike. The Navigator V GPS had an issue when the battery shorted out in New Brunswick and was fixed under warranty. Last week I got a recall notice about a recall for the front fork. The forks on my bike seem fine. Last weekend I was driving on the highway and the driveshaft snapped. I had to get the bike towed 168 kilometers to the nearest dealer. When the parts arrive, the repair and tow will be covered under warranty. These bikes are fantastic to ride but I am wondering if I better trade in when the warranty runs out. I wouldn’t buy a KTM because the warranty is only two years or 40,000 km and only covers the engine and frame. BMW covers everything for 3 years unlimited mileage.

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