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ADV BikesX-End: A More Dirt-Worthy Honda X-ADV is Born

X-End: A More Dirt-Worthy Honda X-ADV is Born

 The X-End might just be the most dirt-worthy scooter ever created.

Published on 02.02.2018

The Honda X-End scooter is a real thing and just might be more dirt worthy than your adventure bike. This custom version is based on Honda’s X-ADV, the first Adventure Scooter, and can be traced back to the creative minds at Honda Palace Napoli with help from Rollfactory Design. The Italian dealership won a customization contest put on by Honda for their distributors, and were rewarded for their imaginative rendering by having it displayed at the last EICMA in Milan.

Imagine the X-End as the “R” or “Enduro” version of Honda’s X-ADV which is marketed as an adventure worthy scooter. While many people might scoff at the idea of any scooter being capable off-road, the folks at Honda Palace Napoli certainly think otherwise. This ADV scooter is outfitted with 19″ and 17″ spoke wheels wrapped in aggressive tubed tires and more attitude than you can shake a stick at. This feet forward means of mobility certainly looks the part with graphics reminiscent of its CRF1000L big brother and HRC decals.

Honda X-ADV X-End off road adventure motorcycle scooter


Honda X-ADV X-End off road adventure motorcycle scooter

Upon closer inspection, it might do more than just look the part. Alterations were made to the stock X-ADV’s steering head angle to allow for the 19’ front and improve stability, several guards including a beefy skid plate were installed, and the whole package is complemented with a Termignoni exhaust.

As for what you may assume of the X-End’s lack of performance, you might be surprised. The 745cc parallel-twin engine mated with a Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) produces a claimed 54 horsepower and 50 ft.-Lbs. of torque. Even if she is a bit chunky at 500+ pounds, that’s still a good enough power-to-weight ratio to get you over some rough road. Stock brake lines were binned in favor of stainless braided ones, and the ABS has an off switch because we all know this thing is spending 90% of its time off-road…

Honda X-ADV X-End off road adventure motorcycle scooter

Honda X-ADV X-End off road adventure motorcycle scooter

Honda X-ADV X-End

The only alteration we found about the X-End to run counter-intuitive to the traditional accessibility of a scooter is the 34-inch seat height. The seat height is unavoidable though, due to the larger wheels, and obvious need for increased suspension travel and ground clearance. With its smallish 3.5-gallon tank, fuel range might also be an issue if you so wish to traverse the Trans European Trail. Which brings me to the unfortunate news that the X-End has no known North American aspirations, as was the case for the X-ADV as well. Don’t let that fact discourage you because despite not being a production model, it’s still available for order from Honda Palace Napoli. Price is yet to be determined, but we do know that it will be offered in three different colors (red white and blue please!).

Honda X-ADV X-End off road adventure motorcycle scooter

While the X-End might not be for everyone, that’s not to say that everyone couldn’t have fun while twisting its grip. We can almost assure you that holding a grimace while riding this scooter is impossible. Besides, imagine the faces of your ADV buddies as you ride up through a dust cloud and skid to a stop on the X-End. After the dust settles and they finish laughing, you can bet they would all be lining up to examine what could be the most dirt-worthy scooter ever created.

Author: Spencer Hill

“The Gear Dude” has been fueling his motorcycle addiction with adventure since first swinging his leg over a bike in 2010. Whether he’s exploring his own backyard in the Pacific Northwest or crisscrossing the United States, Spencer is always in search of scenic off-road routes, epic camping locations and the best gear possible. He began writing shortly after taking up two-wheel travel to share his experiences and offer insight with his extensive backpacking, camping and overland background.

Author: Spencer Hill

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6 thoughts on “X-End: A More Dirt-Worthy Honda X-ADV is Born

  1. Why Honda continues with a dirt worthy adv scooter is beyond me, how about bringing out a mid capacity ‘light’ adventure motorcycle (a.k.a baby Africa Twin).

  2. I ride an Africa Twin and I am very skeptical that this scooter would work on any but the mildest hard packed fire roads. The seating/foot board position doesn’t look like it would be conducive to standing up, a requirement for any real off road riding. Too much weight would be over the front tire when standing and too little when sitting. Proper foot placement on and ADV bike should be almost directly under the riders butt, and centered on the bike so there is only a small weight change back to front when standing. Also, the weight is ridiculous. Almost as much weight as my 2017 AT, with only 75% of the cc’s. I agree with Olis that they should have come out with a “real” 750 AT