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ADV BikesWatch the Yamaha T7 in Action During Exclusive First Test

Watch the Yamaha T7 in Action During Exclusive First Test

An off-road test ride of the new T7 ADV Bike in the Italian Alps stirs the soul.

Published on 05.19.2017

Yamaha’s vision of the ideal adventure machine has been gathering a huge fan base ever since it was first announced last November. The Yamaha T7 Concept excites the eyes with its aluminum fuel tank, Quad LED headlights and Rally Bike styling – it’s a modern interpretation of the Big Rally Machines from the 90’s.

Yamaha has taken their tractable 689cc parallel-twin from the FZ-07 and mated it with a dirt-focused chassis that runs a 21″/18″ wheel combo and long-travel KYB suspension. A simple but effective recipe for an off-road-capable Adventure Bike. Even better, the T7 is expected to be released as a production model in 2018.

Yamaha T7 Adventure Motorcycle


Development of the bike has been a joint effort between Yamaha’s Rally Team of France, R&D Team of Italy and GK Design of the Netherlands, and it appears it’s ready for action. Recently, the Italian Motorcycle Magazine DueRoute was given the keys to the Yamaha T7 for a chance to test the bike for a day. They took the bike to one of their proving grounds in the Alps to see if it truly is as capable off-road as it looks.

It’s a beautiful thing to watch just how effortlessly, the T7 drifts, jumps and bounces off berms, and the sound coming from the 270° crossplane crank motor with Akropovic exhaust is soul stirring. 2018 can’t get here soon enough! For more details check out the story on DueRoute.

Yamaha T7 Adventure Motorcycle

Yamaha T7 Adventure Motorcycle

Photos Courtesy DueRoute

Author: ADV Pulse Staff

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34 thoughts on “Watch the Yamaha T7 in Action During Exclusive First Test

  1. Pingback: Yamaha T7 Action Video! Looking damn good!

  2. please Yamaha, just put turn signals on it, ..and stop. nothing else. (o.k. maybe a yellow/black throw back version..) she looks perfect as is.

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  4. These promo vids with a pro rider intimating at doing jumps, railing berms on a more than likely 450 pound bike are always somewhat comical. Kind of like the pre release Africa twin promos. Just build a 300 or less pound WR 450 R thumper and be done with it already. That being said it will sell just like the AT

      • The T7 is going to have the motor that can go the distance. I ride a 525 KTM both off rode and super moto, but the fact is that it is a race engine with little oil capacity and limited miles before a rebuild. I am all for the T7 twin. Yamaha can make it lighter than the competitors which they demonstrated well with the FJ09 I ride which is lighter than anything in it’s class. Yamaha gets it and that is why I will buy even the first year model. I put a slipper clutch with Yamaha parts 2 years before the factory offered it on the FJ09 and beefed up the suspension. Bought it used and still have less into it than a new one. No regrets.

        Bring on the T7 Yamaha, I have full faith in what you have been doing in the 49 years I have been riding!

    • YES an ADV bike that can rail berms and do jumps, single track and enter the next Rally race under a professional rider only
      Unfortunately it will more than likely see heavy use for coffee runs and the like. It would be more appropriate if the promo vids showed it being used as intended. But I guess all of us work a day rat race drones dream of some off road adventure so the videos try to capitalize on that.

    • Its a Dual Sport isnt it? Im not seeing that bike carrying big trunk boxes around like the so called adventure bikes. For that they have the Super Tenere. I just hope Yamaha keeps it as it is coz i got a piggy bank with T7 on it 😉

  5. It’s great to finally see the T7 in action! That engine sound…wow. I’ll be crushed if it doesn’t come to the US!

  6. I ride XT660Z Tenere and looking forward for T7.
    BUT, last week my front fender was broken by the limb lay on the forest track.
    Nothing happend more, just broked fender.
    BUT, Did Yamaha forget why the breaking hose can not be attached to the front fender as I see it on T7?

  7. Very promising bike. I like it. As long as it is under 200 kg fully fueled and under 10K EUR I’m in. Otherwise I’ll skip this one. Hope there will be an even lighter TT version.

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  10. U should have up graded the 660 tenere full large lcd display 2 charging points sat nav and camera mayb a third one for mobile phone plus centre stand. it was beutifull no matter which angle u looked at it. it had a very good stance head up standing to attention it just looked great . I was about to buy one when u stopped making them !!!!……The new T7 looks ugly !!

  11. It looks to me like a bike that can be as good if not better then the ktm990 ? . I am keen to see it come out as soon as possible. Hope the subframe can handle bags but if not I will beef it up hahaha I want one. All hail the ktm killer hahaha, nothing personal ktm your awesome as well.

  12. Anyone else notice how close to the front tire the fender is? Can you say “break a fender from mud packing?”

    I need a sub-frame for this cycle. I do not want to spend $1500 installing an external subframe, for luggage capacity. Soft bags, but the sub-frame has to be able to support some load. Not just a piece of plastic fender extending rearward (a-la KTM690 / Husky 701).

    • I was also looking at the lack of sub-frame. For me an adventure bike must be able to do more than day trips. I want to pack alu panniers and a top box and still have an agile motorcycle.
      I’m very happy with my F800GS but it could lose some weight.

  13. how about the tenere 650 they have been selling for years in Europe!!! nothing new here! A supped up version of with a lot of hype .

  14. If it looks like that il be the first waiting outside the dealership for it.
    We need a good rally looking bike no one as done it yet.


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