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ADV BikesYamaha Tenere 700 Kicks Off Its 2018 World Tour!

Yamaha Tenere 700 Kicks Off Its 2018 World Tour!

Yamaha begins worldwide adventure to finalize development of Tenere 700.

Published on 03.08.2018

Inspired by the huge levels of interest generated during the last year, Yamaha will be taking the Tenere 700 World Raid prototype on a worldwide tour throughout 2018. During this special ‘World Raid tour,’ a team of Yamaha riders will take on a number of tough adventure stages across the globe, enabling fans in America, Australia, Africa and Europe to see, feel and hear the much-awaited machine.

For its tour debut the Tenere 700 World Raid made an appearance in Australia, ahead of the “Tenere Tragics Bay to Bush Run” in Queensland. Factory Yamaha Dakar Racer, Rod Faggoter, was honored with the task of riding the new twin-cylinder adventure machine during its kick off leg. According to Yamaha, Africa will be the next stop on the tour.

Yamaha Tenere 700 prototype World Raid Tour Adventure Motorcycle


Yamaha Tenere 700 prototype World Raid Tour Adventure Motorcycle

The Tenere 700 World Raid prototype is being used to develop the final specification of the production model. Featuring the rugged rally-inspired character of the original T7 concept bike, and developed using the information gained from intensive testing of the T7 during 2017.

At the very heart of the Tenere 700 prototype is the same highly acclaimed 689cc CP2 engine that has been used in the popular MT-07. Its compact design and linear torque delivery give it plenty of power for strong performance on the asphalt or dirt, while its mass-centralized layout and low weight contributes to the bike’s agile handling. The prototype also features a custom-made rally-style Akrapovič exhaust that reinforces the bike’s rugged looks and delivers a deep and powerful exhaust note.

Yamaha Tenere 700 prototype World Raid Tour Adventure Motorcycle

Yamaha Tenere 700 prototype World Raid Tour Adventure Motorcycle

The prototype’s steel chassis has been reworked and improved in key areas in order to achieve optimized on-road and off-road handling. It also inherits the same rally bike silhouette and ‘Racing Blue’ color scheme as the T7 but with a number of small touches, such as a lower seat height that makes it more accessible to a wider range of adventure riders.

In addition, the fuel tank has been developed to give a more useful range between refills, while at the same time offering better ergonomics. Carbon fiber is used for the side panels, front fender and the one-piece rear tail. It also gets a distinctively-styled cowl equipped with a Dakar Rally inspired 4-projector headlight assembly. The cockpit area is designed to enable the rider to attach additional equipment such as navigation devices.

Yamaha Tenere 700 prototype World Raid Tour Adventure Motorcycle

Throughout the 2018 World Raid Tour, the Tenere 700 prototype will be tested on all types of terrain. From these tests, Yamaha plans to develop the final specifications for the production model. Hopefully, it will be sooner rather than later when we finally see the Tenere 700 arriving on dealer floors!

Photos Courtesy of iKapture

Author: ADV Pulse Staff

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51 thoughts on “Yamaha Tenere 700 Kicks Off Its 2018 World Tour!

  1. Instead of the endless bullshit, why don’t they just produce them for sale. I got fed up waiting for this bike. Spent the cash elsewhere.

    • I think Yamaha is going to find their endless teasing leaves their customers unsatisfied and looking elsewhere for their next bike.

    • I agree how long does it take to make this “thing” ………. Yamaha are pissing a lot of people off with this bike >>>>>>>>> dont build it ,,,,,,,,,,, scrap it !!

    • You are absolutely right, just got my deposit back after being let down on delivery date twice. Yamaha have been complete idiots with this bike. Gonna leave get a new bike till next year now as summer is on its way out.

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  3. This bike and the 790 Adventure will likely be coming out exactly when I’ll be ready for a new bike. Hopefully final specs are nice enough. There isn’t much on the market to compete.

  4. „Develop the specification…?“ The bike is basically production ready, engine, frame, suspension, everything. Nomthis is a pure marketing gag. If it is necssary I doubt, the market is there!

  5. A fz07 costs 7200 a wr 450 costs 9 grand. Build this bike with parts from both and sell it for 11k. Boom. No let’s tease people with it for 12 more months. Missing the boat. Build it already we need it

  6. Is a world tour necessary for them to inject plastic in the carbon fiber molds, take a heavy exhaust from the parts bin, slap on some heavy cast wheels, and put on crappy street rubber?

  7. I hope the final bike will not be too good, because I coudn’t wait any longer and ordered me a Honda CRF250 Rally. Ready to pick it up as soon as weather allows it.

    • The “gas tank as rear subframe” killed this idea for me. I was not figuring out how to mount up luggage to the rear of this cycle. Great powerful machine if you don’t need to carry significant gear with you.

    • KTM 500 EXC is looking pretty light at 250 lbs. I’ll bet they have most of the bugs worked out of that design by now, too.

  8. Yeah i dont mind waiting for a good thing…just wanted a little more info on where this bike is touring in Australia. Also wouldn’t mind seeing the bike with some touring gear on it. If thats what they are doing (Touring). Put some bags on it. Panniers etc.

  9. I’m with a lot of guys here. Yamaha – get your act together and release this thing already. I’m giving you another 3-5 months, and if this bike isn’t announced for release then I’m getting a Husky 701 or Africa Twin.

  10. Why wait for another prototype bike that never becomes reality. AJP PR-7 is available now. Under $10k with built-in tablet, adjustable mapping and Italian made fuel injected motor that makes 60 hp. Better than waiting for the “Unicorns” from Yamaha and KTM.

  11. As a Tenere 660 owner and blue fan, i think Yamaha screwed up designwise. They went from a true adv bike design (thumper, seat, fairing, etc.), To a strange mix of motocross and road bike with too much plastic. Might be me, but its a no go. In these case they should have followedf Klr/dr steps, dont fix it if it aint broke. IIthink there was a healthy market in the US and Can for thetxtz660 as it was. Too many giant adv bikes as it is. If i were on the market for a adv bike, i’d to africa twin. Guess never gona let go my Desert Queen

  12. the bike frame has potential if it can carry overland luggage – but the MT07 is a gutless bike – Yamaha needs to extract way way more excitement from this Raid version of the motor – it needs to be a 750 at least to take on the KTM 790

  13. How long have we heard about this MC? Has it been two to three years? If this MC is ever released it better be great because Yamaha will never live it down if the model falters.

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  15. Yes YAMAHA were all fed up with your endless hype on this bike !!!!!…………. how long does it take to use an existing engine and fame to make it ……….. ALONG TIME FOR YAMAHA

  16. Looks like another bike that’s too tall for us “normal” height people. Probably end up weighing as much as my Tiger 800 XCA too. Anything more than 430 lbs wet will be way too much.

    I’ll stick with my Tiger for trips that involve lots of pavement (cruise control FTW) and my Versys-X 300 for the places where the extra 95 lbs of weight of the Tiger would be a big disadvantage. And then for the REALLY gnarly stuff, the good ole DR650 will take over. No, I don’t have too many bikes. 🙂

  17. Oh great, they’ve gone and sold out to the masses and lowered the seat height in order to appeal to as many people as possible and maximise profits for the shareholders. Can we please have a pucker version with the original seat height as a choice, somewhat akin to when BMW offered the 650 as a Dakar version? Next thing will be they’ll change the wheel sizes to 19″ and 17″.

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  19. I’ll skip another comment about the lengthy teasing and frustration with Yamaha over the protracted amount of time this bike seems to be taking to manifest itself. (all of which are justified) The concept is exciting, and makes more sense than all of these absurdly expensive, massively heavy, liter+ bikes which have no business being on anything more technical than a well-graded CountyForest/BLM road. I live in the Central Colorado Rockies and have seen my share of overweight, out of shape middle-aged guys trying to hoist one of these things back onto its’ rubber after dumping one on terrain that an average dirt biker could negotiate drunk and blindfolded. A couple of design comments: The low front fender is probably a bad idea. Eventually, that thing is going to get shredded by rocks. A higher one with some front-facing engine protection would be better. The low, side-slung exhaust can is a goner when the bike gets dumped. (and it will; no matter how skilled a rider is aboard) A higher mount with some protection would be wise. All-in all; for a guy like me (58, rider for over 40 years) with modest means and the desire and skill to ride real off-road terrain, this bike is intriguing and an attractive alternative to the many ludicrously expensive and dubiously off-pavement capable “Adventure” offerings out there. We’ll see… Maybe some of us will get to actually buy and ride one someday.

  20. I want one of these, but I have waited for so long I might be buying a POS Honda instead. At least they’re available to purchase anywhere in the US. I doubt this 700 will ever hit the market!

  21. Have been waiting for this bike since the first few months I was riding my current Super Ten around. Its finally just about here. Apart from having the benefit of a larger tank the KTM looks too fat down low. Maybe it looks better in real life then in photos? Still its Yamaha for me. Already have some rides planed. Cant understand why it has taken so long? But even KTM have taken ages to bring a middle weight bike to the market. BMW and Triumph were way ahead of the pack. Its exciting to see the growth of the Adventure market, the go anywhere nature of these bikes, the toughness and durability are a real plus. 72000 Km on my super ten and so far never had too many issues. I believe the 700 will be no different in its reliability, but be more capable. HP isn’t a big thing for me on the S10, only the throttle restrictions are a pain, so I cant really see a problem with the Tenere 700 power output. 60kg less weight is the main thing I am looking at. Few little mods may help with extra power. Range also, the 700 may be frugal but 16Lt might be a little small. Time will tell. Still very excited about this bike, well done Yamaha for finally having the foresight to bring it to market.

  22. I’ve been a diehard Yamaha fan for many years…but tired of their corporate BS, I bought a Honda CB500x. I am very pleased with the Honda.


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