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ADV EventsAustralia & New ZealandAPC Australian Rally - May 17-30, 2014

APC Australian Rally – May 17-30, 2014

9 days of mountain riding which will really test riders and their machinery.

Published on 03.09.2014

The APC Australian Rally is designed for riders who want an adventure and not a race. This rally course has 9 days of mountain riding which will really test the riders and their machinery.

A total of 14 days riding on a course that is 7,500 in distance. The APC Australian Rally course is a big loop with 6 start/finish points so riders can select a location close to where they live. When designing the course they try to select dirt roads and tracks whenever possible. These tracks have been selected because they suit adventure bikes and link up famous tourist destinations, great trail riding areas and go past spectacular scenery that are on every riders bucket list.

What makes the Rally different to many other events is that there are no fixed overnight stops which means you can go at your own pace. Most riders try to end up at a hotel at the end of each day but others like to camp out, riders have the freedom to stay where they like along the course. All riders are able to navigate the course using their GPS, track notes and paper maps.


Many riders know the tracks in their area well. The reason the APC Rally goes for 14 days is because they want riders to have an adventure and ride to somewhere they have never been. The GPS unit allows them to find tracks that are usually only “local Knowledge.” The APC Rally Team has received help from many different groups across Australia to put the Rally course together. The APC Rally Team pre-ride approximately 50,000 km per year to produce the course. The end result is a course that flows from one good section to the next and riders can build rhythm because they do not have to stop at every corner and wait for other riders. In a typical Australian way the Rally course will go past any good establishment that you can buy a good meal, a cold beer and get a warm bed. All riders must carry a sleeping bag and some camping gear just in case they get caught out. No night riding is allowed in the event due to safety.

What makes the Rally special is the other riders who are doing it with you. No matter how fast or slow you are there is a good chance you will team up with someone who is going at your pace. When you finish your days riding you can either set up a bush camp or book a room in a motel and probably find another 10 riders having a good time at a bar close by.

Riders who have limited mechanical ability can enjoy the comfort that other riders will help them if they have trouble. All riders must agree to help fellow riders as part of gaining entry to the event.

The Rally course is designed to test man and machine. There will probably be 10% of the riders who do not complete the course due to mechanical issues or injuries. Riders will need to prepare themselves otherwise they will be in that 10% . The course will include some easy diversion routes so riders with less skill can still complete the course if they get into trouble. All riders must understand that the course will be challenging and if they don’t come to the event ready to ride over all types of terrain they may not finish.

The Rally course has 6 starting points. Just pick the one close to you! In most cases there are several other motels close to these starting points that riders can stay at.

Marburg QLD
Woodlands of Marburg, 174 Seminary Rd, Margurg Qld, 07 5464 4777

Mulgildie QLD
Mulgildie Hotel, 12 Burnett Hwy, Mulgildie Qld, 07 4167 2107

Wisemans Ferry NSW
Wisemans Hotel, 6 Old Northern Rd Wisemans Ferry NSW, 02 4566 4301

Glenn Innes NSW
Great Central Hotel, 313 Grey Street Glen Innes NSW, 02 6732 1966

Tipla NSW
Tipla Hotel, Tipla NSW, 02 6837 3928

Wodonga Vic
O’Malley’s Hotel, 36 High Street Wodonga VIC, 02 6024 1335

Event Organizer: Australian Property Centre (APC

To see the full event details click here.

Author: Ken Pozak

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