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ADV NewsKTM Unveils 890 Adventure ‘Standard Edition’ for 2021

KTM Unveils 890 Adventure ‘Standard Edition’ for 2021

The new 890 Adventure gets more power and a smoother ride.

Published on 10.19.2020

Two weeks ago, we saw the release of KTM’s new race-inspired 890 models — The 890 Adventure R and 890 Adventure R Rally. This week we get to see what the standard edition has in store for 2021. The previous standard 790 Adventure has always been the more travel-oriented version of KTM’s ready-to-race middleweights, with a lower seat height, improved wind protection, more comfortable two-piece seating, low front fender, and a more road-tuned suspension. Yet it was still no slouch when the asphalt ended, sporting an agile chassis, spoke wheels with a 21″ front and 18″ rear, as well as sump protection, wrap-around handguards, and ample ground clearance to ride at a sporty pace. 

Now with the release of the 890 Adventure, KTM makes several improvements that extend the versatility of the bike for longer-range travel. Updates include more engine grunt, improved handling, added suspension adjustability and rider-focused technology

“With the development of the new KTM 890 ADVENTURE we hit all our marks by offering an upgraded machine for both road and gravel riding. With the new engine we worked a lot on optimizing the overall performance and feeling while out riding. The result is a big improvement in the bike’s rideability, better stability, less gear shifting and added comfort for the long days on the saddle. With the KTM 890 ADVENTURE we wanted a KTM that sets the benchmark through its performance on the tarmac while being able to veer offroad and keep the same high standards.” Joachim Sauer, KTM Product Manager Travel


The KTM 790 Adventure formed a robust basis for KTM engineers to begin their search to offer much more, while still maintaining that resourcefulness and confidence-inspiring handling. The new 889cc LC8c engine is 90cc larger than the 790 model. Bore, stroke and compression were added to raises horsepower and torque figures, while 20% more rotating mass was added to the crankshaft for improved smoothness and grunt at low revs. According to KTM, the result is a bike that can corner in the twisties, and carry all your camping gear, plus a passenger with less effort. The KTM 890 Adventure also comes with a refined and stronger clutch to cope with the boosted performance.

The suspension also sees improvements. A new WP APEX rear shock offers greater customization potential through a new rebound damping adjuster and an additional hand adjuster for spring preload. The suspension matches the rest of the chassis configuration in placing the bike firmly between use for the tarmac and the trail. 

However, off-road handling has not been ignored. With 7.9 inches (200mm) of suspension travel and Dakar Rally-inspired ergonomics the bike is comparably slim and nimble on the trail. Plus with an accessible seat height (33.5 inches), a low fender for improved aerodynamics, a 5.3-gal (20-liter) tank and KTM MY RIDE with navigation on the dash, you can comfortably travel further on a variety of different terrain. 

Prefer the flat expanses of the road? The KTM 890 Adventure has Adventure-spec tires, a full-size TFT display, Cornering ABS, Motorcycle Traction Control and Motor Slip Regulation, a seat that is adjustable in two heights and a strong, yet lightweight, subframe for passenger or baggage. 


  • New engine with 90 cc added displacement
  • Improved performance with increased power
  • Better rideability thanks to 20% increased rotating mass
  • Stronger clutch adapted to increased performance
  • Engine knock control system (use of low Octane fuel)
  • High-quality WP suspension components and new rear shock
  • Reworked front and rear brakes for added control
  • Improved ABS and MTC settings
  • Anodized wheel hubs instead of powder coated
  • Handlebar switch with Cruise Control button (software additional)
  • Weight optimization, thanks to compact motor and fuel tank
  • Slim profile, refined ergonomics and new graphics
  • Travel-ready with two-part, adjustable seat and low fender
  • KTM MY RIDE app giving access to music, calls and, with an optional app, navigation

A range of KTM PowerPart upgrades means that Cruise Control (with the handlebar switch now provided as standard), a Quickshifter+ (with optimized settings), heated seat and grips together with a wide compliment of luggage options widens the travel potential of the KTM 890 Adventure even more.

The KTM 890 Adventure will be arriving at US KTM dealers from November 2020 onwards. According to KTM, overseas dealers will begin to receive the new model starting in December 2020. Pricing is set at $13,099 USD. For more info, visit the KTM website.

2021 KTM 890 Adventure Specs

ENGINE TYPE:Parallel Twin, 4-Stroke, DOHC
BORE/STROKE:90.7 / 68.8 mm
STARTER:Electric; 12V 10Ah
FUEL SYSTEM:DKK Dell’Orto, 46 mm Throttle Body
LUBRICATION:Pressure Lubrication with Two Oil Pumps
COOLING:Liquid Cooling with Water/Oil Heat Exchanger
CLUTCH:PASC (Power Assisted Slipper Clutch), Mechanically Operated
IGNITION:Bosch EMS with Ride-By-Wire
FRAME:CroMoly Tubular Steel, Engine as Stressed Member
SUBFRAME:CroMoly Steel Trellis  
HANDLEBAR:Aluminum, Tapered, Ø 26/22 mm
SUSPENSION TRAVEL FRONT/REAR:200 mm / 7.9 in; 200mm / 7.9 in
FRONT/REAR BRAKES:Disc Brake 320 mm / 260 mm
FRONT/REAR WHEELS:2.50 x 21”, 4.50 x 18” 
FRONT/REAR TIRES:90/90-21”; 150/70-18”
WHEELBASE:1,509 mm ± 15 mm / 59.4 ± 0.6 in
GROUND CLEARANCE:233 mm / 9.2 in
SEAT HEIGHT:32.7 in – 33.5 in
TANK CAPACITY:20 l / 5.3 gal
DRY WEIGHT, APPROX:196 kg / 432 lbs
MSRP (USD)$13,099

Author: ADV Pulse Staff

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J D Cooper
J D Cooper
October 19, 2020 5:37 pm

Still with that ‘Praying Mantis’ front end….

October 19, 2020 9:41 pm

In 4k miles of riding my 790 R, I’ve yet to approach the performance limits of it. Its nice the 890 has more but for me, the 790 is more than enough.

December 8, 2020 6:37 am
Reply to  Patriot159

Nice, but overdone. I’ll take a new V-Strom 650 any place this bike will go for $5,000 less money!

October 20, 2020 6:06 am

That headlight assembly needs rethinking. It is worse than ugly, it’s downright oogly.

November 2, 2020 6:18 am
Reply to  Robert

The headlight might be not everybodies idea of good design, nut Inline the front better than e g BMWs 1250 front. And the light itself is actually quite effective, both as low and high beam!

paul knight
paul knight
October 20, 2020 6:06 am

what KTM forgot to say was that the 790 was a special limited edition.

October 21, 2020 5:16 am

Here in Aus the top selling ADV bikes are the simple, cheaper ones ; the DR650 still regularly in the top 2 or 3 after 35 years; KLR up there too ; Africa Twin when it first came out smashed all others on price and went straight to number 1 in 2016, now it’s expensive and down at number 10 ; CB500x up there – T700 straight to number 1 with a simple cheaper no BS bike. But Stefan and his mate gerald.kiska are sipping the ugly-shock-orange juice and have not noticed this sales recipe, and have never made it to Number 1 in Adv in AU, to 790 only got to 4 with a quarter of the T7 numbers, the other 1290, 1090s happy to languish off the bottom of the sales charts again and again missing the point – K.I.S.S sells Stefan not hp in adv. Not everybody wants to race or pretend to race on roads, not everybody likes insects or overly-complex blah blah heavy. Peeps like heritage looks and reliability and something they can pick off the ground. I have bought 5 KTMs in years past but hey enough. They have the tech there to make a 600cc 2 cyl-2Stroke and meet Euro 5 and weigh in at 135kg but instead we get a bigger heavier 890? Why – Why not replace the 790 with a 750 and make it lighter? only Stefan knows.

October 22, 2020 2:36 pm
Reply to  2Meerkats

Unfortunately, the USA market wants something that’s shows off their manliness instead of functionality. I would love to have a sub 300lb, 4 stroke bike with 55 – 60hp that I could set up as a light weight adv bike. Such bike would sell. The Husqvarna TR650 would have been there but too heavy and poor suspension.

October 22, 2020 2:39 pm
Reply to  BMatznick

I left out… the bike needs to be a reasonable height. Not all of us can properly handle a 36” seat. The KTM 690 Enduro Also almost hit it.

Emmanuel Magrina
Emmanuel Magrina
November 13, 2020 4:00 pm

Will this KTM be produced in your Philippine plant?

Randy Marble
Randy Marble
January 30, 2021 11:26 am

As a new owner of the 890 Adventure “standard” model, I can tell you that coming from a 1290R, there are vast differences………….not all bad. First, the 890 is plenty powerful to cruise even with bags full of provisions. The suspension on the 890…………while I am still experimenting, lacks the compliance of the 1290R and probably isn’t fair to compare the “R” with the “Standard”. On the plus side………, the handling and weight distribution down low makes this thing feel 200 lbs lighter than the 1290. No complaints here.
Now for the hopefully not too long away bad parts. No heated seat or grips available from KTM. Apparently some wiring changes make the 790 products not applicable. Likely KTM will introduce those parts during the summer when they are no longer needed. Hard to tell why they would want to change such small pieces which would necessitate KTM keeping yet more SKU’s of parts in production and inventory.
Otherwise……….ergonomics good, screen good and best of all……………….drumroll…………….it has a Physical Key. I was so tired of my 1290R telling me “No Key in Range” and not being able to restart without dragging out the dongle and dangling it in from of the proximity sensor.


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