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ADV NewsAprilia Wants You To Explore Baja On The All-New Tuareg 660

Aprilia Wants You To Explore Baja On The All-New Tuareg 660

An unforgettable journey on the new middleweight adventure bike from Italy!

Published on 07.26.2022
Aprilia brings Tuareg Experience to Baja California

The timeless allure of Baja runs deep with adventure riders, fueled by its vast open spaces, natural splendor and slow tempo that all combine to offer a true sensation of freedom on a bike. Now, for the first time in North America, Aprilia is launching an immersive adventure experience for riders looking to ride the all-new Tuareg 660 in a true dual sport environment while celebrating the best of Baja.

Spanning more than 1000 miles over 6 days, the Tuareg Experience is a unique experiential opportunity which includes rental of an Aprilia Tuareg 660, as well as all meals and lodging. The activity begins in San Diego, California in a loop that takes riders both on and off-road through Ensenada, San Felipe, Bay of LA, Cataviña and back north for an unforgettable journey that celebrates the best mix of dirt, asphalt, sea salt and petrol. Check out what’s in store!

Aprilia brings Tuareg Experience to Baja California

Day 1 – San Diego – Ensenada: After arriving in San Diego to meet for a reception dinner the night before, guests are now ready to ride, and assigned their machines for the journey. The first day is a taste test of all terrain, from the coastline of San Diego, through the mountains and into the desert before cutting back through Mexico toward the coast for the night. The ride heads east through the Otay Mountain Wilderness, with a mix of twisty roads and off-road terrain before arriving at the Tecate border crossing into Baja California. Once over the border, the group will head southwest through the villa de Guadalupe on the Ruta de Vino, and into Ensenada where the first day ends in time to appreciate the unmatched sunset over the Pacific Ocean. 


Day 2 – Ensenada – San Felipe: The second day is not for the faint of heart, the tour goes full gas, nearly 275 miles to the San Pedro Martir Mountains National Park, tracing the steps of the hill climb, to arrive at the Observatory for a beautiful lunch vista. The group heads down and out to the Sea of Cortez, where the second day of riding will end in San Felipe. 

Day 3 – San Felipe to Bahia de los Angeles: The journey continues south on the third day, again taking in coastal views, this time from the east, mixing dirt and asphalt along the way. The trip begins to show the real capability of these middleweight bikes now as the road opens up in the desert landscape on the east side of baja. With the miles adding up the group arrives at the southernmost part of the trip, in the “Bay of LA”. 

Day 4 – Bahia de Los Angeles to Cataviña: Heading north from Bahia de Los Angeles, the fourth day will be a test of mixed road conditions traversing the interior of Baja. A mixed desert landscape, the tour will navigate across the desert spending long stretches off-road. After many challenging miles in the desert, putting a kickstand down will be especially rewarding when arriving in Cataviña, with a chance to remove the boots, wash away the dust, and enjoy some well-deserved refreshment. 

Aprilia brings Tuareg Experience to Baja California

Day 5 – Cataviña to Ensenada: The tour heads to the Pacific coastline for the penultimate day of the activity, closing the loop as riders head back into Ensenada. The coastline is celebrated for its open nature, giving the group many chances to take in the sights on the disparate coastline roads, asphalt, gravel, sand are all on the menu for the day, and with a bit of luck and good timing, some celebrated seafood in Ensenada before setting out on the final day. 

DAY 6 – Ensenada to San Diego: On the last ride day, the tour takes a casual detour throughout the remaining coastal cities as the parade of Tuareg 660’s inch closer to the Tijuana border. A more casual day, mixed with a few sites, some last delicious bites, and a hope of limited traffic to arrive back in San Diego to complete the tour. With many miles, countless smiles, and some new riding stories, the group wraps up with a nice meal before parting ways.

Ready For The Tuareg Experience?

Aprilia brings Tuareg Experience to Baja California

The all-inclusive multi-day adventure is $3,500 and will take place October 23-30 with a limited number of spots available. According to Aprilia, the journey will cover more than 200 miles on most days over a variety of technical roads and environments so it is advised for participants to have an intermediate level of experience with mixed conditions. For more information and to register click here.

Photography by Frances Montero.

Author: ADV Pulse Staff

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7 thoughts on “Aprilia Wants You To Explore Baja On The All-New Tuareg 660

  1. I hope Aprilia has a raging success on its hands so it can repeat this event next year when I have enough vacation time.

  2. Yes, the Tuareg is a great bike and this sure looks a great way to get publicity for it – but not on the OEM tyres for deep sand..

  3. I clicked the the more info and register here and get nothing. Anyone else experiencing the same? I want to sign up for this!


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