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ADV NewsBDR-X: Shorter BDR Routes That Loop Coming Soon

BDR-X: Shorter BDR Routes That Loop Coming Soon

Backcountry Discovery Routes launching a new way to BDR!

Published on 03.28.2022

Since 2010, Backcountry Discovery Routes (BDR) has created eleven trans-state routes for dual sport and adventure motorcycle travel. As BDR heads into its second decade, a big goal is to improve and expand on the experiences and resources it provides to the ADV community. 

Enter the all-new BDR-X routes. 

Backcountry Discovery Routes launching BDR-X loops

BDR says the community has been asking for more routes, and, specifically, for routes that loop. So in addition to the classic routes, in 2022 BDR is introducing the BDR-X — a shorter, BDR route that returns to where it started. 


“This year, BDR will be introducing a new concept of BDR-X, shorter, BDR-style loop routes off of the existing BDRs or an entirely new route in an area we’ve yet to bring a BDR to. Already, a number of BDR-X routes are planned for release in the next few years, expanding the BDR-style riding options for the ADV community beyond the official BDR routes,” says Inna Thorn, BDR Executive Director.

Backcountry Discovery Routes launching BDR-X loops

BDR-Xs will be designed to only take a few days to ride and their difficulty level will vary depending on the route. Inna tells ADV Pulse there are currently three BDR-X routes in the works, starting with the Red Desert in Southern Wyoming. 

The Red Desert BDR-X will consist of a 149-mile-long loop ending in the town of Baggs, which is also the start of the WYBDR. This fun and technical loop will lead riders through buttes, dunes, sagebrush steppe, mountains and rocky pinnacles. It can be done in one long day or two days with overnight camping in the desert. Planned to be launched in May of this year, the release will include free GPS tracks, a dedicated website page with travel resources, a 20-minute film available for free on YouTube, and a printable map.

Backcountry Discovery Routes launching Red Desert BDR-X loop
Red Desert BDR-X route coming in May.

The second route in the series will be the Allegheny, PA BDR-X. This route will be similar to the Mid-Atlantic BDR, as it’s an extension loop off the MABDR. The riding will be easier, on forest roads and rural country lanes through beautiful forests and bucolic farming landscape. According to BDR, it will be released in Q4 of 2022.

The third route currently in the works is the Steens Mountain & Alvord Desert BDR-X in Southeastern Oregon. This loop will be relatively easy with a couple exceptions that include sandy stretches and rocky double-track. Steens Mountain Loop is a long scenic gravel road that ascends to the ridge crest of Steens Mountain at nearly 10,000 feet. The Alvord Desert is a wide open-up-the-throttle desert playa. “Both of these areas are easy riding. It’s the stuff in between that provides the challenge,” says Inna. This BDR-X will be released during Q1 of 2023.

We’ll be keeping you updated on the release of this exciting new way to BDR. Stay tuned!

Backcountry Discovery Routes launching Red Desert BDR-X loop

Photos by Backcountry Discovery Routes.

Author: ADV Pulse Staff

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4 thoughts on “BDR-X: Shorter BDR Routes That Loop Coming Soon

  1. On one level, this is great – more riders, more trail means better support for our industry. On the other hand, more riders on more trails means fewer places that are not chewed up. Just got back from riding the CABDR a week ago (2022.03.14) and the main trails are very chewed up and many are painful to ride, especially when compared to just a few years ago. The only good stuff left is what’s not part of the official BDR. Go figure. Add in the sxs and many places are terrible riding. The AZ Peace Trail is all but a lost cause now that the covid-fueled sxs have decimated it. I have no solutions other than finding riding areas that are not publicly promoted.

    • Interesting comment. I have actually wondered this as well. Does the increased BDR traffic have a negative impact on the routes. I’m excited about the BDR-X tracks though – great for a long weekend of riding.

    • Good point. The side by side crowd seems to have little ethos for “leave it as you found it” and instead is all about “destroy what you can before the next side by side destroys it better”


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