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ADV NewsCan These $1000 Beater Bikes Finish a 1000-Mile ADV Challenge?

Can These $1000 Beater Bikes Finish a 1000-Mile ADV Challenge?

Mayhem ensues as riders try to get their budget bikes across the finish line.

Published on 06.14.2021

The guys over at Rocky Mountain ATV/MC are up to more shenanigans again in a new video series just released. This time with another budget-bike challenge to see if they can complete a 1,000-mile journey on old beat-up bikes they invested $1,000 or less in. The ride will take them from Mesquite, Nevada, to Phoenix, Arizona and back with a mix of dirt roads, technical sand, rocks, and even a little slab. Why you might ask? To prove you can have a great adventure, even on a tight budget!

The rules of the challenge are pretty simple. You can spend up to $1,000 to purchase, improve or repair the bike, not including a fresh set of tires. Each rider can make up the difference in their bike’s deficiencies by fabricating or scrounging for parts. And everyone must carry all their own gear and equipment for several nights of camping under the stars.

Budget adventure bikes challenge


  • Each rider gets only $1,000 to buy and fix their bike
  • Each bike must complete the 1,000 miles of the adventure ride
  • Scrounging and fabrication are allowed
  • New tires will be provided for each bike at no cost (safety first)
  • Each rider is responsible for their own gear and luggage

To find their dream budget machines, team members scoured the classifieds to discover the best deals possible — some running, some not. The bikes they select are a menagerie of old motorcycles from the early 80s to the 2000s, including dual sports, cruisers and even a sport bike. All of these nostalgic machines appear unsuitable for the task, or are they?

Budget adventure bikes challenge


Setting out as prepared as they can be, the RM riders push their bikes to the limit and beyond in gnarly rocks, deep sand and even some single track, as we discover which bikes will make it the distance or fall by the wayside. Crashes, break-downs and friendly competitions ensue, with lots of laughs along the way, on a wild ride from start to finish.

If you like classic bikes and adventures on questionable machinery, then “$1,000 Motorcycles vs. 1,000 Adventure Miles” is definitely worth checking out. The entire 8-part video series is available now for binge watching, so grab your popcorn and a cold one, and let the mayhem begin!

Author: ADV Pulse Staff

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