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ADV NewsEnduristan Blizzard: Rackless, Rugged, Waterproof Saddlebags

Enduristan Blizzard: Rackless, Rugged, Waterproof Saddlebags

We give the Blizzards a thorough test, including a few crashes for good measure.

Published on 09.22.2022
Enduristan Blizzard Soft Bags review

Whether you’re planning a day trip or a weeklong adventure, a set of convenient, durable, and waterproof luggage is absolutely necessary. Enduristan set out to create just that with their line of Blizzard rackless saddlebags, designed to keep a low profile, easily attach and detach from a wide range of motorcycles, and hold a large volume without being cumbersome, all while holding up to rough and tumble life adventure riders expose their gear to. After a few thousand miles of mixed riding with these saddlebags there’s one inescapable truth; simplicity goes a long way.

Introduced a few years ago, the Blizzard Saddlebags aim to carve a notch in an increasingly competitive segment. They come in four different sizes from 12 liters to 34 liters total capacity, the smaller three of which all share the same dimensions apart from width. Because of their design, they pack enough gear to impress Mary Poppins. Husqvarna even liked them enough to launch their Norden 901 Concept with the Blizzard Saddlebags strapped on its back.

Enduristan Blizzard Soft Bags review
Enduristan Blizzard Saddlebags test
The Blizzard bags are also modular. Additional nylon interface straps underneath, as well as molle webbing on the sides, allow you to attach any assortment of bags or accessories.

On the durability front, the shell is constructed from multiple layers including a rubberized polymer on the exterior and interior as well as a layer of 1000D Nylon webbing slipped in between for durability for when talent runs dry. On the back there’s a thick layer of padding to both protect the side of your bike as well as insulate the bags from exhaust heat and abrasion.


The Blizzard Saddlebags waterproofing comes as a byproduct of their top-roll style closure (minimum 2 rolls, though Enduristan says for full blown waterproofing, three rolls are recommended.) Because of their multiple layers, for your gear to get wet requires a major failure.

Enduristan Blizzard Saddlebags
Enduristan Blizzard motorcycle Saddlebags
A bright red interior helps make it easier to see what’s inside your bag.

In the Large size, the Blizzard saddlebags have a combined capacity of 24L with 3 rolls, something I find shocking given that I manage to pack all of my moto camping essentials as well as a few non-essentials inside them. While the manufacturer’s advertised weight is listed at 4.34 pounds (1.97kg), my scale at home shows slightly less at 4.2lbs (1.91kg) with all the necessary straps to attach them to nearly any bike; this makes them remarkably lightweight.

In terms of added convenience, the Blizzard bags are also modular. Enduristan included additional nylon interface straps underneath, as well as molle webbing on the top of each side allowing you to attach any assortment of bags or gear to them in order to further expand your available storage. For my usage, I’ve found the large saddlebags paired with Enduristan’s Medium sized 32L Tornado-2 Pack Sack allows me to pack more than enough for 3-4 nights out in the bush.

Enduristan Soft Panniers

Getting Them Installed

Attachment of the bags to your motorcycle is done in a few easy steps. First toss the bags over your seat, adjusting the straps to ensure the bags aren’t sagging down off of the saddle. Then simply attach the two hooks to your rear inner fender, tail rack, or top plate. After that you quickly attach the forward straps to your frame or pillion peg brackets and snug down all of the straps. The entire process takes no more than a minute or two, making these bags extremely quick and easy to pull off the bike at night and securely re-attach them in the morning.

The bags quickly adapt to multiple bikes, too. I’ve personally had my set on 3 different bikes – Aprilia’s Tuareg, the Husqvarna Norden 901, and Royal Enfield’s Himalayan and mounting them was no more difficult on any of these bikes than the next. If simplicity isn’t enough though, I later found that they had an even bigger surprise in waiting.

Enduristan Soft Panniers

How They Performed

Living with the Blizzard bags daily has been surprisingly effortless. The top roll design isn’t perfect as there’s no velcro to close up the top before rolling, but they do contain thick plastic bars along the inside of the opening that when lined up, allow the bags to roll over tight. The top roll ends then snap into female buckles that are molded into the body, and for good measure there are 2 additional straps that roll over the top to secure the top roll and also raise the bags more snugly against the side of the bike.

Enduristan Soft Panniers

The Blizzard Saddlebag’s capacity is the real bombshell, though. Having stuffed everything from tools, tent poles, and other sharp objects inside of them before rolling tight, the body has held up to repeated abuse and obscure packing. Dropping the bike when the bags are packed unintelligently has resulted in little more than superficial scratching and an accumulation of dust that easily washes away with a bit of H2O. 

Enduristan Soft Panniers

I made the early assumption that these bags can’t hold a lot of gear, mostly because of their low volume rating; au contraire. On one side I’m able to comfortably pack an entire 2-person tent with poles, as well as some of my other camping gear. I also manage to fit a large 64oz insulated canister for potable water leaving the entire other side for things like my sleeping bag, camp chair, air mattress, among many other creature comforts I bring along. To say that I’m convinced the Blizzard saddlebags were made using some form of witchcraft would be a massive understatement. These bags are very underrated, as they easily conform to whatever it is you wish to cram in them.

Aprilia Tuareg Enduristan Luggage

Durability is another bright spot. Either because of my love of the Earth, or an inability to remain upright, I’ve had multiple opportunities to test the Blizzard’s abrasion resistance. I’m delighted to say that even after being sandwiched between a bike and our planet on numerous occasions, the bags are still as water tight as ever. On another occasion when I neglected to maintain the tightness of their straps, one of the bags suffered some damage from an impact with my rear tire. The contact made was enough to shred one of the interface straps that allow you to attach additional kit to the bags, and though the outer layer of polymer shows some evidence of this hit, the waterproofing is still fully intact.

Enduristan Luggage Durability
After neglecting to tighten the mounting straps on one occasion, the bag got caught up with the rear tire. Despite the mishap, the bags show only minor damage and the waterproofing remained intact.

One possible caveat to keep in mind is that due to their simplicity, there isn’t much in the way of redundancy regarding the Blizzard’s attachment to your motorcycle. This means keeping them tight is of the utmost importance. The straps don’t have any notable give or stretch to them, but over time they can loosen up a bit with the bags loaded. This rings especially true if you’re riding through difficult terrain. As previously mentioned, this lack of redundancy resulted in a bit of a dunce moment for myself when I noted that the left side bag had been struck a handful of times by my rear tire. This may be less of an issue if your bike has a larger fairing at the rear. 

We received a thorough dousing that lasted for several hours on our ride in the Lost Sierra. The waterproof Blizzard bags did their job.

In the case of my Aprilia Tuareg, there’s not much for the bags to rest against and so these straps are all that separate your gear from disaster. On Husqvarna’s Norden 901 however, the bags rest nicely against the rear side fairings leaving no possibility of such a mishap, even if your straps slacken up a bit. I’ve since made it a habit to check all 4 straps frequently, and more often than not, no adjustment is needed.

Enduristan Soft Luggage

Removing the bags from the bike is equally simplistic. I usually flip the rear strap buckles upwards immediately tossing an inch or so of slack into the rear straps, followed by quickly unfastening the forward straps. The bags have handles built in that allows them to easily lift off the bike and carry conveniently either into your hotel room, or as is more often the case for me, over to where I intend to set up my tent for the night.

Who Are They For?

The Blizzard Saddlebags offer a sleek, durable, and simple solution to those wanting to quickly escape into the wilderness on two wheels for indiscriminate adventuring. They’re both durable and modular, and allow the rider to build on top of their base for additional storage in a way that’s easy and secure. They definitely lean more toward those wanting to pack light, but will still accommodate those who haven’t refined their setup to just the bare essentials.

Enduristan Soft Panniers

Our Verdict

At $359.99 for a set of the Large bags, you’re getting top notch quality and a very well engineered piece of kit that makes packing for the next trip effortless and worry free. They are nearly as convenient as hard cases regarding mounting and dismounting, yet retain the durability and benefits of soft luggage. Their fitment is nearly universal and they are even compatible with bikes that sport an upswept exhaust like the Tuareg 660. Enduristan’s Blizzard Saddlebags ship ready to join you on your next adventure, or your next grocery run.

What We Liked

  • Simple mounting/dismounting.
  • Expands to pack more than expected/advertised.
  • Durable, waterproof construction.
  • Modular design allows for additional bags to be easily added to the system.

What Could Be Improved

  • No strap redundancy means checking straps more frequently.
  • Closing top roll could be improved with Velcro closure.

Blizzard Saddlebag Specs

CONSTRUCTION: 3-layer fabric with a rubberized polymer on the exterior and interior.
WATERPROOFING: Roll-top closure w/ multi-layer welded-seam waterproof fabric
S – Volume 2 x 6 Liter bags, Dimensions 36L x 9W x 24H (cm) per bag
M – Volume 2 x 8.5 Liter bags, Dimensions 36L x 12.5W x 24H (cm) per bag
L – Volume 2 x 12 Liter bags, Dimensions 36L x 18W x 24H (cm) per bag
XL – Volume 2 x 17 Liter bags, Dimensions 44L x 20.5W x 30H (cm) per bag
WEIGHT: 4.34 pounds (1.97 kg)
MSRP: $299 – $419 

Shopping Options

Enduristan USAEnduristan International

Photos by Rob Dabney and Ken Morse

Author: Ken Morse

While Ken’s two-wheeled exploits began only a few years ago, he’s no stranger to adventure. Since 2006, he’s been wandering all over the U.S. in various four-wheel drive toys, exploring as much hidden terrain in the backcountry as possible. Having straddled his first motorcycle in 2019, he quickly became obsessed and made the switch to two wheels. Now he spends most of his free time riding, wrenching and traveling on adventure motorcycles from his base in California’s Sierra Nevada Mountain Range.

Author: Ken Morse

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