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ADV NewsNorden 901: Husqvarna Unveils Stunning Adventure Bike Concept

Norden 901: Husqvarna Unveils Stunning Adventure Bike Concept

A neo-retro concept that’s ready to take the adventure segment by storm.

Published on 11.05.2019
Husqvarna Norden 901 concept

Husqvarna Motorcycles just stunned motojournalists at EICMA after lifting the covers off their new adventure bike concept – the Norden 901. The new machine is based on the KTM 790 Adventure platform and sports the new 890 Duke powerplant. This latest concept signals the continued growth of the Swedish-born brand into new sectors and Husqvarna says it highlights their historic focus on performance, technology and design. 

Husqvarna Norden 901 concept side view

Unveiled for the first time, the Norden 901 is Husqvarna’s first ever adventure touring machine. “A dynamic and versatile long-distance concept designed to deliver both outstanding street and off-road performance,” says the brand. And it doesn’t hurt that the bike’s aesthetics are a head turner. Styling is very modern with hints of the past like the large round LED headlight and a windscreen silhouette that is reminiscent of the KTM 990 Adventure.

Husqvarna Norden 901 concept luggage system
Husqvarna Norden 901 TFT display

The Norden 901 is powered by a parallel twin, liquid cooled 889.5cc engine tuned for adventure use, although no official power numbers have been revealed yet. The new machine sits atop high quality WP suspension and features 21” front and 18” wheels fitted with Pirelli Rally Scorpion tires. Also notable is a full color two-piece TFT display that splits general and navigation information and looks like it may have a clamshell closing design. The Norden 901 also features a seat with grip fabric, auxiliary lights, beefy crashbars and what looks like a generous fuel tank armoured with aluminum plating. The Norden carries its fuel low and has a similar skidplate design to the 790 Adventure. 

Norden 901 Technical Highlights

  • Designed to be a slim and light explorer motorcycle 
  • 889.5 cc parallel twin engine specifically tuned for adventure usage 
  • Versatile for both off-road performance and touring ability 
  • Rides on 21” front and 18” rear wire-spoke wheels
  • High quality WP suspension components 
New Husqvarna concept LED lighting
Travel-ready with soft bags on the Husqvarna Norden 901 concept


Although Husqvarna has not announced its intentions to bring this bike to production, it definitely seems like they have put a lot of work into this concept. It has the benefit of being based on an existing engine and chassis, and the refinement is higher than what is typically expected at this stage. Even small details like a USB port, integrated LED tail lights and a functional tank rack give hints that the brand may be taking this concept to the next step.

Husqvarna's new Adventure Bike Concept

All we can say is, Husqvarna can’t get it here fast enough. With a proven off-road travel platform and premium styling, the Norden 901 could take the adventure segment by storm. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that if and when the new Husky hits the market, it stays true to the original concept. 

Author: ADV Pulse Staff

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26 thoughts on “Norden 901: Husqvarna Unveils Stunning Adventure Bike Concept

  1. wow a design that fully respects the past (Dakar), yet embraces modern engineering from Mattighofen – yes ! take my order – hurry up and make it already.

  2. Wow, bow, wow………… for us old guys strutting around on our heavy BMW GSs, this is an awesome viable alternative. With all the new adventure styled bikes from so many vendors, going to be very interesting………

  3. ugly…..ugly…ugly. WTF is up with that STUPID headlight??? could have looked so much better had they stayed close to the 701 style. Looks more 1980 than 2020

  4. I think that this will be an awesome bike and hope it comes to market real soon. It may be the next bike for those whose KTM 990 Adventures are now ageing.

  5. Ugly… ugly… ugly….this model will not “take the adventure segment by storm”. It’s a stupid design, ugly, and designed by someone with ZERO technical experience with adventure/rally bikes. The headlight is atrocious, heavy and ugly, the windshield is slanted to far to deflect wind effectively. the is way too much steel bars and crash protection (heavy). This is what happens when you have a cafe racer designer try to make a adventure bike look cool. Husky should have expanded on the 701 design and made a more rally style platform. KTM will continue to dominate and this kooky design will go nowhere.

    • My thoughts! Husky took away the biggest advantage from the 790 with this design. They made it heavier! Even without any number published it is obvious that the base bike is the 790 with the Duke 890 engine, but they also added much more plastic and metal. My guess around 10kg. KTM has done everything right when they designed the 790 to keep it slim, light and nimble, even if the headlight design is controversial (it actually has a good light output!).

  6. You must be blind to think that the 701 line looks better than this Norden 901 ! This is design that stands the time and I dont mind the extra protection since this is not a sup up Motocross bike like the 701. This is for the light adventure rider which is the category with growth in the market. Now, this bike could end up costing 17k ? Are they trying to get BMW users to move into this bike? Cause I dont see 790 or ATS or T700 users spending additional 4-5k to replace their bikes. Ideally all these below 1000cc bikes should be around 9-12k no more.

  7. They should have made an 801 based off the KTM 790 Rally and added a 5-10 liter aux tank on the rear. The 790 engine has more than enough power, but would be better if it was a little lighter.

  8. Stunning bike! Might get me to reconsider my GS. Please don’t change a thing Husky. I want it just as it sits and I’ve got two buddies who feel the same.

  9. As an early 30 something who’s been riding cafes around DC and LA for over a decade… now looking for an ADV bike with some style and good size… this hits the nail on the head for me.


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