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ADV NewsEwan & Charley’s “Long Way Up” Series To Debut on Apple TV+

Ewan & Charley’s “Long Way Up” Series To Debut on Apple TV+

Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman's new moto adventure has a home.

Published on 07.15.2020

Details of how the world will soon be watching Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman’s latest adventure, Long Way Up, have become clearer with the announcement Apple TV+ has commissioned streaming rights to the new motorcycle series.

You’ll remember when we reported last fall that the famous duo, along with a crew and sizable convoy of support vehicles, was heading north from Ushuaia, Argentina, aboard a pair of Harley-Davidson LiveWire electric bikes, street-oriented machines that were far from proven at the time.

Three months later the guys completed their 7000-plus mile journey through the Americas, arriving at a low-key wrap party in Los Angeles, all toothy grins and tattered bikes. 

Photo by Rikki Rockett


It turned out the decision to go electric had nothing to do with sponsorship, instead being the manifestation of McGregor’s long-time passion for and curiosity about e-vehicles and the future they represent. Talking to Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show post adventure he said he and Boorman simply wanted to be a part of the new “wave” of transportation technology. 

“It proved to be amazing, and quite tricky at the same time,” he said on the show. And while they could sometimes charge the bikes at hotels, and restaurants during lunch stops, many times they had to rely on the generosity of locals, knocking on doors and asking to use an outlet.

Photo by Marca Pais Honduras

While the Harleys were outfitted with wire-spoke wheels, engine guards and skid plates we’ll have to wait for the show to air to find out if the duo  were involved in any of the off-road capers that helped them become adventure bike royalty.

Social media sightings during the trip – shots of the hairy, happy duo posing with excited locals in South and Central America, make it clear the show will be filled with those hilarious social interactions we’ve come to expect. Not to mention a real-world reveal of what it’s like to explore the roads and small towns along ADV riding’s most bucket-listed journey. 

So now that we know where to watch, hopefully it won’t take long for Apple TV+ to release the show. The first series, Long Way Around, required three months of post production, while the second adventure, Long Way Down, saw only two months between end-of-trip and airing. We’re now at seven months and counting since Ewan and Charley returned to the States, and no doubt there’s Covid to blame for the long wait. 

How To Watch

We’ll pass the air date on the minute we hear. In the meantime, if you don’t have or want an Apple TV+ subscription you might want to hold off and take advantage of the 7-day free trial once the series drops, hopefully in its entirety. But even if Apple airs one installment per week, it’s still an affordable watch with the current streaming fee at $4.99 per month. The streaming service is offered through the Apple TV app accessible on Apple devices, Roku, Fire TV and Smart TVs or you can go to to watch on your computer.

And don’t even bother complaining about the bikes being electric Harleys. Now that America has entered lockdown overtime, watching Ewan and Charley riding the subway would be a welcome distraction!

Author: Jamie Elvidge

Jamie has been a motorcycle journalist for more than 30 years, testing the entire range of bikes for the major print magazines and specializing in adventure-travel related stories. To date she’s written and supplied photography for articles describing what it’s like to ride in all 50 states and 43 foreign countries, receiving two Lowell Thomas Society of American Travel Writer’s Awards along the way. Her most-challenging adventure yet has been riding in the 2018 GS Trophy in Mongolia as Team AusAmerica’s embedded journalist.

Author: Jamie Elvidge

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20 thoughts on “Ewan & Charley’s “Long Way Up” Series To Debut on Apple TV+

  1. Pretty much getting tired of all these streaming services hoarding a show unless you want to pony up. I guess eventually this particular adventure will make it to where I can watch it. Certainly not going to give Apple a dime just to watch this show. I’ve gone all my years without this show so I’ve proven I can live without it.

    • I’m just curious on what you do for a living?
      Do you get paid for it? Would you give away your trade/craft for free to the masses??
      I know I wouldn’t since this is how I support my family and my addiction (Motorcycles).
      Just food for thought!

  2. In the Long Way Round I thought they chose their bikes poorly and I think every KLR rider had a big laugh over it.

  3. these pics feature 2 guys 2 bikes with ‘that’ non-adv brand – hahahahahahahaaa – fake – they rode alone,sure – pffft fake – electric? fake, only with a fleet of trucks, spares, chargers and a dozen support crew? oh yeah i forgot, it’s jaf scripted hollywood fictional fantasy… with actors

    • Because they can afford the crew, and you and I can’t, that makes us more ADV riders? Don’t forget they are celebrities, somebody’s “asset”, there is always a contract involved.

      If you have family, with couple kids, and your spouse tells you that you can do your trip but you HAVE to go with one of your friends who’s going to drive a car – would you still do the trip?

      Am I more an ADV rider if I don’t use Spot or other life saving gadget, than some rider who has the Spot?

      Am I more an ADV rider if I sleep in a tent or hammock, than some rider who sleeps in a motel or luxurious hotel?

      Am I more an ADV rider if I ride 1995 KLR on my trip, than some rider on 2020 GSA with $20K worth of a gadgets because he can afford it?

      Would they be more ADV riders if they chose Zero over Harley-Davidson el. bikes?


  4. Can’t wait to see it. That duo has been fun to watch before and I’m sure this one will be most interesting. (I was glad to see you wrote the article Jamie, I’ve always liked your writing style, especially at the BMWRA magazine.)

  5. I don’t personally believe that EV technology is ready for long adventurous trips. But that is exactly why I want to watch this series, and see what worked and what didn’t! Besides, Ewan and Charlie’s interactions with people is always fun to watch! And then there’s always the scener!

  6. I remember I was listening several months ago the guy on “Motorcycles & Misfits” podcast, doing Iron Butt on el. motorcycle, I think it was Energica. Or maybe Zero?
    In my opinion the el. bike is “closer” than we think. It’s the price I can’t afford… In couple years though… 😉

  7. Good on them for doing it……bad on us for being Monday morning QB’s!

    Amazing to read the comment section here. Always amazes me people want stuff for free like a TV show but get pissed they don’t make enough money or get paid an honest salary.

  8. While I am a big fan of their previous adventures, I think the choice of an electric bike for the distance as well as the choice of manufacturer was not the brightest idea.
    Granted it will make some people more interested in electric bikes and at an estimated $30K only a small segment of the population would even consider purchasing one. With only a 146 mile (advertised) range that would be around 3 hours of saddle time at 60MPH before having to recharge. So for a 7 hour trip, if you are lucky enough to find a fast charger, you will only make around 300 miles. If you can only find a regular “Level 1” charge it will take 10-11 hours to fully charge.

  9. You get a free year of Apple TV+ when you buy any Apple product (iMac, iPhone, iPad, etc.). So maybe wait to upgrade your phone until the airdate is announced.

  10. I think what the “negative” comments are referring to, is the fact that almost all of us are already paying for some form of televised entertainment, at a premium, and now here is a cool show to see, but instead of being offered on platforms people already pay for they are enticing you to spend more.

    • To put this on Apple TV was not a smart move. I really am interested in watching the newest version of this show but don’t want to have to pay for Apple TV. DISAPPOINTING to say the least. Hopefully this will end up on Amazon eventually.

  11. I’m excited to watch this series. The mongolia massage in long way round still makes me laugh. And the Long way down book description of Ewan having 20 some get-offs in a day from fesh fesh and losing his sense of humor still sticks with me.

  12. I have only one comment Long way up was too short , maybe because I’m a female, can’t get enough of Ewan and Charley on these adventures


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