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ADV NewsMotoz Releases New Bi-Directional Tractionator Dual Venture Tire

Motoz Releases New Bi-Directional Tractionator Dual Venture Tire

A new adventure tire with a reversible tread pattern for increased longevity.

Published on 09.29.2021
Motoz Tractionator Dual Venture Adventure Motorcycle Tire

Motoz has added a new Adventure Tire option to its lineup, the “Tractionator Dual Venture.” The new tire comes in front sizes only and is intended to be paired with Motoz’s Tractionator Adventure or Tractionator RallZ rear. 

The new Dual Venture is designed for off-road performance (rated at 70% dirt / 30% street), with a hybrid compound that is high in Silica content for optimal grip in a wide variety of conditions (mud, snow, and rain). Its proven Tractionator construction and rubber compound make it ideal for either adventure or dual sport use and, according to Motoz, there is less need to change tire pressure between dirt and street. Plus the brand states it has great on-road manners too. 

What makes the Dual Venture unique though is its bi-directional/reversible tread pattern. Many knobby-style tires start to cup the center knobs after a time, especially under heavy braking. This uneven wear can reduce performance significantly. For those riders that want to maximize the longevity of their front rubber, the Dual Venture lets you simply switch the direction of the tire to continue to get the most tread bite throughout its life. This can really come in handy if you are on an extended trip where quality tires are hard to source on the road.


The new Motoz Tractionator Dual Venture comes in tube and tubeless versions for 19” and 21” front wheels, with pricing ranging from $106 to $167.

Available Sizes

90/90-21 Tube Type, 90/90B21 TL, 110/80B19 TL, 120/70B19 TL

Shopping Options

Pacific PowersportsChapmoto

Author: ADV Pulse Staff

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2 thoughts on “Motoz Releases New Bi-Directional Tractionator Dual Venture Tire

  1. A nice option to have in extending the life of the front tire though for me, I’m ready to replace it by the time the wear pattern gets bad enough.

  2. I mounted it up with a Rallz rear. It’s the sweet spot for light adv bikes ( 500exc build). Super grippy up front. Perfect combo for equal parts pavement, gravel, dirt, rock, trail. Love the dual venture


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