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ADV ProductsMotoz Launches ‘Tractionator Desert’ DOT Knobbies for Big Bikes

Motoz Launches ‘Tractionator Desert’ DOT Knobbies for Big Bikes

Motoz introduces Tractionator Desert H/T for Big Bikes with tubeless rims.

Published on 04.25.2018

Big, chunky, knobby tires. They always make an adventure bike look so much more dirt worthy and aggressive, and the obvious off-road performance goes without saying. But sometimes it’s hard to find true off-road tread, with deep blocks and wide spacing, in big bike sizes. Well, Motoz now has DOT knobbies sized for your full-sized adventure bikes (KTM 990/1090R/1190R, Honda Africa Twin, etc.) that are also tubeless rim compatible.

Adventure Bike DOT Knobbies

The Tractionator Desert H/T is now being offered in 90/90-21 (tubeless) and 150/70-18 (tubeless). While all Motoz tires are DOT approved, the company has its roots in tires for motocross, enduro, desert, and off-road racing. The Desert H/T tread pattern is designed to provide excellent traction in aggressive sand, gravel, and rock riding, yet still offers decent wear life. The natural-rubber rich compound is designed to handle many miles of off-road abuse.


“Designed to handle hard terrain, fast rocky fire trails, gravel roads and desert hard pack with sandy variations. Its unique tread design handles off camber sections, ruts, hard braking at extreme lean angles. All Tractionator Desert H/Ts are intended for intermediate-hard terrain and rally use, and cross over into adventure use very well,” according to Motoz.

DOT Knobbies Adventure Motorcycle tires

We are excited to see a tubeless adventure bike tire with an aggressive knobby tread pattern in larger sizes and we know that it will make a lot of the off-road diehards quite happy to have another option when it comes to getting new shoes for their adventure bike.


90/90-21 (tubeless) 54 Q TL p/n 09-090-090-21: MSRP $100.99
150/70B18 (tubeless) 70 Q TL p/n 09-150-070-18: MSRP $190.99

For more information check out Motoz’ US importer Pacific Powersports.

Author: Sean Klinger

With his sights set on doing what he loved for a living, Sean left college with a BA in Journalism and dirt bike in his truck. After five years at a dirt-only motorcycle magazine shooting, testing, writing, editing, and a little off-road racing, he has switched gears to bigger bikes and longer adventures. He’ll probably get lost a few times but he’ll always have fun doing it. Two wheels and adventure is all he needs. 

Author: Sean Klinger

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8 thoughts on “Motoz Launches ‘Tractionator Desert’ DOT Knobbies for Big Bikes

  1. Wow, you certainly can’t argue with the price!! I was looking at a set of Metzeler Karoo 3’s for my Tiger 800 XCA, but they’re over $300 for the set. I may have to give these a try.. I have their regular Tractionators on my DR650 and they’re great tires, but haven’t really gotten much use out of them yet. I have Karoo 3’s on my Versys-X 300 and they’re a great all-around tire, but on a big heavy Tiger, I’d want all the help I can get.


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