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ADV NewsWatch Pol Tarres Take On World’s Highest Volcano On The Tenere 700

Watch Pol Tarres Take On World’s Highest Volcano On The Tenere 700

The Spanish enduro star continues to push the limits, taking 2 wheels to new heights.

Published on 03.11.2024

Two years after breaking an altitude world record aboard his Tenere 700 in the Andes Mountains, Pol Tarres has done it again — and this time he has doubled down. The skilled Spanish rider recently returned to the sky-high mountain range and set the bar even higher, not just by smashing his own record on the twin-cylinder adventure bike, but also by setting a new altitude record for a single-cylinder motorcycle.

Breaking his previous historic feat of 20,203 feet (6,158 m), Tarres set a new world record for the highest altitude achieved on a twin-cylinder motorcycle after reaching an incredible height of 21,906 feet (6,677 m) with the Tenere World Raid GYTR in full stage 3 setup. The bike is the higher-spec variant of the Tenere 700 featuring dual-tanks, more suspension travel and a host of other upgrades throughout the chassis for tackling more extreme terrain. 

Pol Tarres Shatters Two Altitude World Records On Adventure Bike and Dirt Bike

During the reconnaissance phase of the attempt, Tarres also set a new record for the highest altitude ever reached on a single-cylinder motorcycle, ascending to 22,165 feet (6,756m) meters on the cross country specific Yamaha YZ450FX. Tarres surpassed the previous record of 21,476 feet (6,546m) achieved by Swiss rider, Jiri Zak on his KTM 450 EXC-F in February 2020.  


The target was to ascend Ojos del Salado — the highest volcano on earth, the second-highest mountain in the Andes and the highest summit in Chile. Several other athletes have attempted to conquer this uninhabitable place, with its steep rock inclines, scree slopes and snow drifts, yet none have enjoyed the same success as Tarres thus far. 

Being a Tenere ambassador, Tarres was determined to achieve a new record on the 700 World Raid. Both records were registered on a dual GPS and verified by three guides as the guidelines prescribe. Official ratification of the two world records will take several weeks. 

The expedition team comprised Pol Tarres, Javi Echevarria (project manager), Miguel Echevarria (film crew), Ahikar Azcona (Yamaha ambassador & team support), Joan Espasa (film crew) and mountain guides, Gerardo Bauty, Cristian Órdenes, Thomas Caballero, and Juan León. Supported by Yamaha Motor Europe, Marc Bourgeois and Yamaha Motor Chile. 

Pol Tarres Breaks Two Altitude World Records On Adventure Bike and Dirt Bike

“Preparing for this challenge was difficult, many said it could not be done,” declared project manager, Javi Echevarria. “But we as a team know that exactly that is what drives Pol, to do exactly what no one thinks possible. It was really a team effort – and would have been impossible without everyone involved.”

Having learned important lessons from the previous attempt, Tarres and his entire TRECE Racing Society Team took two weeks to acclimate in the Andes Mountain range. Even with Tarres’ incredible physical condition, the altitude is a force that humbles most humans and altitude sickness was a constant companion for the team during this acclimatization process. At that elevation a variety of health complications can ensue, including pulmonary edema, brain damage and death. 

After acclimatizing, Tarres and the TRECE team started to explore potential routes to conquer the mountain, utilizing both the YZ450FX and the Tenere to complete this reconnaissance phase, whilst also dealing with other challenges caused by unexpected snowfall.

The weather also played a significant role in dictating the timing of the record attempt. With high winds forecast, the team were forced to accelerate their plans and make the attempts on the 6th and 7th of March. Due to the snowfall, the routes to the West and Central summits were rendered impassable, so the highest summit and principal crater of the volcano became the goal chosen by the team.

Starting from Refugio Murray at 14,836 feet (4,522 m), Tarres and the Tenere reached the record altitude in only 50 minutes. 

“Above 6.000 meters everything seems to go super slow, the physical exhaustion is indescribable and there is no room for mistakes,” commented Pol Tarres. ”Even walking is a challenge, let alone riding a Tenere at this altitude” 

Pol Tarres Shatters Two Altitude World Records On Adventure Bike and Dirt Bike

One problem encountered on the previous record setting expedition in 2022 was that of fuel consumption, which is significantly heavier at altitude than at sea level. For the most recent attempt at the record this issue was addressed with the GYTR kit, specifically the GYTR ECU assembly and extra fuel capacity, which allowed Tarrés to ride for longer without the need to refuel.

Pol Tarres Shatters Two Altitude World Records On Adventure Bike and Dirt Bike

The GYTR parts from the second stage or handling kit, including more rugged Haan Wheels, KYB 48mm front fork and Paioli rear suspension, also ensured optimal handling performance on the challenging terrain of the Volcano. 

Pol Tarres Shatters Two Altitude World Records On Adventure Bike and Dirt Bike

More To Come!

To tell the full story of the mental, physical, and mechanical challenges faced by Tarres and his team during this incredible adventure, the TRECE Racing Society and Yamaha have collaborated on a documentary. The film will premiere at the end of this year, and will take viewers on the same incredible journey Tarres undertook in both 2022 and 2024. 

We can’t wait to watch it and we’ll be sure to share its release when it becomes available!

Photos by Javi Echevarria

Author: ADV Pulse Staff

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