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ADV ProductsTouratech ‘Destino’ Adventure Boot With Integrated Shoe

Touratech ‘Destino’ Adventure Boot With Integrated Shoe

New product combines a rugged off-road boot with a walkable inner shoe.

Published on 05.02.2017

Combining a rugged off-road touring boot with a walkable inner shoe, the Touratech Destino is a new take on the adventure motorcycle boot. On a long-distance motorcycle adventure the rider faces a lot of changes in terrain, weather and circumstance. Whatever the situation, the objective is to be as prepared as possible and the optimum footwear is paramount.

Touratech Destino Motorcycle Boot
The Destino are made of waxed full grain leather using water-resistant Outdry™ technology. It is equipped with Impact-resistant polyurethane toe, shin and ankle protection. Optional steel toe cap can be installed for off-road riding.
Touratech Destino Inner Boot
The Destino’s inner shoe slips out of the boot and doubles as a lightweight walking shoe for around town. The shoe is waterproof and breathable.

With that in mind, Touratech developed the Destino Adventure Boot. It’s a riding boot designed to excel on pavement, over distance, through dirt, mud and water. The Destino also has a feature that no other boot has: A waterproof inner shoe engineered to wear separately.


With Destino, a day in the saddle doesn’t have to end with wet socks or walking through camp or a restaurant in big, heavy boots. No longer do you need to carry an extra pair of shoes for off-the-bike excursions. The shoes are integrated into the riding boots and the outer-boot can lock right to your bike if you need to leave them behind while you socialize or explore. “This is easily the most versatile boot on the market for adventure riders.”- Paul Guillien, Backcountry Discovery Routes

Touratech Destino Adventure Motorcycle Boot
Retractable stainless locking loops allow you to lock the boots up when unattended.

The rugged, Destino outer-boot is full-grain leather, using water-resistant Outdry™ technology so it’s water resistant and dries quickly. It’s equipped with impact-resistant polyurethane toe, ankle and shin protection, an oil-resistant sole and retractable cable for locking them down when you’re walking around.

The light, sleek and waterproof inner-boot is a fully functional shoe. It’s comfortable, cool looking, washable and integrated into the boot.

Touratech Destino comes in 3 colors (black, brown and stone) and men’s and women’s sizes. Retail Price: $450

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Author: ADV Pulse Staff

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2 thoughts on “Touratech ‘Destino’ Adventure Boot With Integrated Shoe

  1. Neat idea, but the last thing I want to do when I get to a destination for the day is continue to wear the stinky, probably wet (from sweating) inner shoe. I’ll just carry an extra pair of shoes and switch into them… nice ‘n cool and fresh.

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    Como faço para pagar
    Vou dar volta ao mundo tem como arrumar patrocinio


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