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ADV ProductsTouratech Launches New Folding Dual Sport Mirrors

Touratech Launches New Folding Dual Sport Mirrors

Rugged dual sport mirrors adjust with one hand and won't creep at speed.

Published on 10.13.2016

Touratech has introduced a new folding dual sport mirror to add to their accessory line up. Many motorcyclists have struggled with dual sport mirrors that are difficult to adjust, don’t hold position at speed, or offer limited rear visibility. These new rugged mirrors bend inward upon impact to avoid breaking and can be folded completely down out of the way for tougher trails, making them a perfect solution for adventure riders that like to get off the beaten path.

Touratech Adjustable Folding Dual Sport Mirrors

They are also easy to adjust with one hand and offer 180 degrees of adjustability. The mirror changes position with a positive ‘click’ at each setting, meaning it will never shake or vibrate loose while riding. No tightening of screws or fasteners to secure the mirror after adjustment is necessary. The large viewing area gives excellent clarity and rear-view visibility making them great for on road touring as well.


“I love the way the mirror angle can be adjusted by hand and still hold position at highway-speeds. When transitioning from sitting to standing, I can change the mirror angle on-the-fly. When the trail gets brushy, I just flip the mirrors in without missing a beat.” said Paul Guillien, CEO, Touratech-USA.

Touratech Adjustable Folding Dual Sport Mirrors

For years riders have had to replace or constantly reposition and tighten mirrors because of drops or just steady use. The Touratech Folding Dual Sport Mirrors end that, and clarifies the rider’s rear view at the same time. The Touratech Adjustable Folding Mirror is sold individually in M10 x 1.25 and M1 x 1.5 thread types allowing easy installation on most adventure motorcycles. Retail Price: $44.95 each.

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Author: ADV Pulse Staff

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3 thoughts on “Touratech Launches New Folding Dual Sport Mirrors

    • Hi Carla. DoubleTake mirrors cost about $5 more each. As far as performance, we haven’t had an opportunity to compare the DoubleTake mirrors to these Touratech mirrors yet.


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