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Motonomad II Trailer Will Pique Your Wanderlust!

Motonomad film sequel promises an epic journey through Central Asia.

Published on 10.31.2015

Motonomad, the enthralling account of a 7,000 km ride from Austria to Egypt by Australian adventurer Adam Riemann, has fired the imagination of adventure riders worldwide.

Motology Films has now announced the long-awaited sequel to Motonomad to be released in April 2016. Motonomad II charts a route from Kazakhstan to Mongolia, unsupported through some of the most majestic and treacherous terrain on earth.


As in the first installment, Riemann and his mates strap all they need to their KTM 500XECs on the 10,000 km unassisted trip, music to the ears of the purists.

Motonomad followers will not be disappointed by part two as the teaser trailer promises. The surreal Central Asian steppe makes for a stunning backdrop against which Riemann showcases his impressive cinematic talents. Remarkably, all the filming was done with the gear strapped to their bikes.

Motonomad KTM 500 EXC
The KTM 500 EXC may seem like a strange choice for a world travel bike, unless you plan on riding through terrain like this.

The KTM 500EXCs more than proved their resilience in the traverse of Central Asia, including a dust-blown crossing of the Gobi desert, a dunking in a flooded river and having to run on 80 octane fuel.

Not that Riemann would wish away any of the challenges riders face who pack their life onto an adventure motorcycle and venture into the world, unassisted. There is, Riemann believes simply no other way.

For more information go to the Motology Films website.

Author: Derek Alberts

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