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ADV BikesKTM 790 Adventure Specs Released for Two New Production Models

KTM 790 Adventure Specs Released for Two New Production Models

Specs and availability announced at EICMA for 2019 KTM 790 Adventure.

Published on 11.06.2018
With the introduction of the KTM 790 ADVENTURE R, the READY TO RACE company attempts to set the bar when it comes to performance and capability in the Adventure Segment. According to KTM their goal was clear; to provide a serious off-road motorcycle for adventure riders who want to tackle a wide range of challenging terrain, all while being supported by comfortable long-distance travel ergonomics and the convenience of sophisticated electronics.
Powered by the compact 799 cc LC8c parallel twin engine – introduced in the KTM 790 DUKE – pumping out 95 hp, the revised powerplant is focused on a wide powerband of usable torque. The ride by wire technology and advanced electronics provide riders a choice of Street, Offroad, Rain and Rally ride modes in order to match the conditions and terrain. In the new ‘Rally’ mode, traction control can be adjusted with 9 levels. With these settings, the slippage allowed can be very precisely matched to the condition of the terrain, the skill level of the rider and the requirements of the ride. Lean angle sensitivity is also in attendance, helping the motorcycle traction control (MTC) and cornering ABS to function literally on the edge of traction.

KTM 790 Adventure Motorcycle

KTM 790 Adventure Motorcycle

The compact powerplant gave KTM engineers and KISKA designers the freedom to build an agile and responsive chassis around it. Attention was paid to weight reduction and rider ergonomics; providing comfort over distance and the feel of full control both on- and off-road.


The frame is made with tubular chromoly steel using the engine as a stressed member to reduce weight and overall size. The steel trellis subframe was developed to be compact, lightweight and also strong enough to carry a passenger and luggage over difficult terrain. Hung from this are heavy-duty spoked wheels matched to a fully-adjustable WP suspension with ample ground clearance.

A standout element of the design and engineering concept is the fuel tank. The goal was to provide up to 280 miles (450 km) of riding between refueling and assist in agile, confidence-inspiring at slow speeds. The main volume of the tank is placed as low as possible to concentrate masses around the center point – even when the tank is full.

KTM 790 Adventure Motorcycle

KTM 790 Adventure R Motorcycle

In terms of rider ergonomics, the slim upper part of the tank gives a narrow knee area when standing up, adding greater levels of control when riding off-road. It allows for a straighter and lower seat (34.6″), giving the rider more freedom to move and greater overall accessibility of the motorcycle without compromising ground clearance.

KTM 790 Adventure Motorcycle
The 20L tank is placed as low as possible for a lower CG. It also makes the bike narrow in the knee area when standing up and allows for a straighter and lower seat, giving the rider more freedom to move and better accessibility.

Specially-developed heavy duty – yet lightweight – spoked wheels are in dirt-biased sizes; 21″ front and 18″ rear, fitted with Metzeler Karoo 3 dual sport tires. These hang from the premium WP XPLOR suspension to give the highest ground clearance (10.4 inches) and longest suspension travel in its segment; the KTM 790 ADVENTURE R has 9.5 inches of movement available at each end of its fully adjustable suspension.

KTM 790 Adventure Motorcycle

KTM 790 Adventure Motorcycle

The KTM 790 ADVENTURE R is also equipped with the state-of-the-art TFT display. Easily readable in all conditions, the full color, 5″ screen’s configuration is variable and automatically adapts to changes in environmental light. The main information is arranged in a position where the rider can immediately see it, while additional displayed information can be chosen by the rider.

Thanks to the TFT display, riders who need to stay connected, entertained and on the right path can use the integrated KTM MY RIDE system. This allows pairing with a smartphone for receiving (or rejecting) phone calls, listening to music and, using the optional app, navigating with on screen turn-by-turn directions along with audio prompts. Convenience can be further enhanced by adding the optional quickshifter for clutchless up and down shifts and optional cruise control for more comfortable long-distance highway rides.

KTM 790 Adventure ‘Standard Model’

KTM 790 Adventure Motorcycle

KTM also announced a new more touring oriented “Standard” model that sits next to the 790 Adventure R in the lineup. The 790 Adventure boasts a nearly 2-inch lower seat height (32.7″), road-oriented tires, bigger windscreen and less suspension travel (7.9″/7.9″). We expect the 790 Adventure to be a more approachable, confidence-inspiring adventure machine that will still retain much of the off-road capability of the 790 Adventure R. While the KTM 790 Adventure R is designed for those that are looking for a no-compromise off-road machine for more challenging terrain.


Both KTM 790 Adventure and 790 Adventure R models are set to hit North American dealerships in spring of 2019. Pricing for both models is to be announced.

KTM 790 Adventure Specs (Standard and R Model)

ENGINE TYPE: 2-cylinder, 4-stroke, DOHC Parallel twin
BORE / STROKE: 88 / 65.7 mm
POWER: 95 hp (70 kW) @ 8,000 rpm
TORQUE: 64.9 ft-lbs (88 Nm) @ 6,600 rpm
STARTER / BATTERY: Electric /12V 10Ah
FUEL SYSTEM: DKK Dell’Orto (Throttle body 46 mm)
LUBRICATION: Pressure lubrication with 2 oil pumps
ENGINE OIL: Motorex, Power Synth SAE 10W-50
COOLING: Liquid cooled with water/oil heat exchanger
CLUTCH: Cable operated PASC™ Slipper clutch
TRACTION CONTROL: MTC (3-mode, disengageable, rally mode*)
FRAME: Chromium-molybdenum-steel frame using the engine as stressed element, powder coated
SUBFRAME: Chromium-molybdenum-steel trellis, powder coated
HANDLEBAR: Aluminum, tapered, Ø 28 / 22 mm
FRONT SUSPENSION: Standard WP-USD Ø 43 mm; R Model WP-USD Ø 48 mm
REAR SUSPENSION: Standard WP shock absorber; R Model WP PDS shock absorber
SUSPENSION TRAVEL FRONT/REAR: Standard 7.9″/7.9″ (200/200 mm); R Model 9.5″/9.5″ (240/240 mm)
FRONT BRAKE: 2 × radially mounted 4 piston caliper, brake disc Ø 320 mm
REAR BRAKE: 2 piston floating caliper, brake disc Ø 260 mm
ABS: Bosch 9.1 MP (incl. Cornering-ABS and offroad mode, disengageable)
WHEELS FRONT/REAR: Spoked wheels with aluminum rims, 2.50 × 21″; 4.50 × 18″
TIRES FRONT/REAR: 90/90-21″; 150/70-18″
CHAIN: X-Ring 5/8 × 1/4″
SILENCER: Stainless steel primary and secondary silencer
STEERING HEAD ANGLE: Standard 64.1°; R Model 63.7°
TRAIL: Standard 107.8 mm; R Model 110.4 mm
WHEEL BASE: Standard 1,509 mm; R Model 1,528 mm
GROUND CLEARANCE: Standard 9.2″ (233 mm); R Model 10.4″ (263 mm)
SEAT HEIGHT: Standard 32.7″/33.5″ (830/850 mm); R Model 34.6″ (880 mm)
FUEL TANK CAPACITY: approx. 5.3 gallons (20 liters)
DRY WEIGHT: approx. 417 lbs (189 kg)
SERVICE INTERVALS: 9,320 miles (15,000 km)

* Rally mode is optional on standard model

Author: ADV Pulse Staff

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28 thoughts on “KTM 790 Adventure Specs Released for Two New Production Models

  1. 417 dry….. right at 470lbs wet…. that is really disappointing. This bike was supposed to come in, right around 400 wet. Oh well…. guess I will wait to see what the real world specs are on the new and soon to be released Yamaha Tenere Rally……

    • That’s with over 5 gallos of fuel. Which weighs about 12lbs a gallon I think?
      And is carried pretty low compared to most, so it should feel quite a bit lighter than it is.
      Im thinking that when the tank is half full it probably feels like it weighs about 425 wet I would assume…which isn’t too bad at all imo

  2. after 3 years waiting ……. its here, er, wait longer maybe next June ?? anyway Its great to see the ADV air-filter under the seat and easy to access (without removing the entire fuel tank 1090/1190/1290) – finally! clap applause unf#%ked- For me the790’s looks are “not really liking it”. the Tenere T700 looks way better but it’s gutless with 50nm. vs 790 which has the power 88nm but the looks of the 790? are annoyingly alien “insect” – Kiska fail. I am sure these 790’s will cost an arm and a leg and lose value faster than anything- so Yamaha will probably win with their super cheap bike prices MT-07 MT-09 etc

  3. wow its amazing ,Excellent bike for Light Weight Adventure Bikers, Covering All the aspects of ADV riders,
    Good Power to Weight Ratio
    Optional Traction Control modes
    Perfect fuel TankCapacity.
    How About Making ADV Bike For Single Riders ? This Can Lower Weight of Bike Further By 10 lbs ?
    In comparision With XC 800 DRYWeght Of KTM is lower by 20 lbs & Torque is up by 10NM and that At Lower RPM ,
    With Yamaha 700 New Tenere Its 30 lbs Lower And so As power ,& Fuel Tank capacity is Lower TOO

  4. Pingback: What's Good!? - Variador scooter

  5. Hi , I am very interested in the standard 790 as I have never had an adv bike , current being a street triple rs however the tubed tyre is a concern . I can repair punctures on my non tubed bike but in the middle of no where with a puncture and a tubed tyre that I can’t repair is a definite issue . Am I over reacting ?

    • Jim. Tubeless wheels are a nice convenience but even If yo do have tubeless, you should know how to take off the wheel and install a fresh tube – especially if you plan to ride to the middle of nowhere. With tubeless, you may hit a rock and damage the rim and it won’t hold air anymore. You will need a tube to continue if the rim can’t be bent back into place. Swapping/installing tubes isn’t hard. It just takes a little technique and patience. See more here:

  6. Pity the quick shift is not standard. Hope KTM are not going down the BMW road with everything extra but the engine!

  7. It looks as though, with the 790 Adventure R, the KTM folks are going after the Honda Africa Twin segment. Less HP, but less weight. I have ridden the Africa Twin and am gleefully waiting to ride the KTM 790 Adventure R, to compare the two bikes.

  8. This is a sweet bike, as long as you don’t mind this combination:
    1) Every bike with an LC8c engine will be made in China
    2) KTM may have the worst warranty in motorcycling (2yr 24k miles, and it covers engine parts *inside* the crankcase, plus the frame and swingarm .. NOTHING ELSE)


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