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ADV NewsCan-Am Unveils New Electric Dual Sport Motorcycle

Can-Am Unveils New Electric Dual Sport Motorcycle

The Canadian brand shows off two models powered by Rotax E-power technology.

Published on 08.09.2022

Close to five months after announcing their plans to return to the motorcycle segment with an all-electric lineup, Can-Am has dropped the cover on two of the models that will spearhead their two-wheeled portfolio. These will be the first motorcycles from the Canadian company after 35 years and one of them is inspired by Can-Am’s “Track n’ Trail” roots.

Can-Am Origin electric dual sport motorcycle

Full specs will not be revealed until August 2023 but the company has launched a dedicated site for the two machines in conjunction with the release of images and a video. Sitting on what looks to be dirt-friendly 21/18-inch wheels, the wire-spoked ‘Origin’ is Can-Am’s dual sport machine which seems to have its crosshairs aimed at bikes like Zero’s FX. Inverted forks and a rear monoshock comprise its suspension system while single-disc brakes front and rear provide stopping power.

Can-Am Origin electric dual sport motorcycle
Can-Am Origin electric dual sport motorcycle

According to Can-Am’s parent company, Bombadier Recreational Products (BRP), the Origin is “designed to bring new exhilaration to both the street and the trail for a more modern multi-terrain experience. Half a century ago, Can-Am roared to victory on the track and the trail, and today, a new legacy begins.“ One of the features BRP says riders will appreciate is its smooth and precise power delivery even in tight, low speed situations. 

Can-Am Origin electric dual sport motorcycle


Cam-Am also unveiled a new street-focused e-bike dubbed ‘Pulse’ which the company says is intended to be “a balanced and agile motorcycle designed to immerse riders in the energy of the city.” Smaller compared to its dual-sport counterpart, the cast-wheeled Pulse is touted as a fun and compact commuter bike complimented by its shorter suspension and lower seat height.

Can-Am Pulse electric street motorcycle
Can-Am Origin electric dual sport motorcycle

While each model has its own distinct design, ergonomics and capabilities to satisfy different needs, both are powered by the all-new Rotax E-Power technology. Can-Am did not release actual numbers but said the motor yields “highway-worthy speeds with plenty of horsepower and torque.” Both models are also said to showcase state-of-the-art technology, and share features like a high-performance LED headlight, a single-sided swingarm, a large TFT display, and level 2 charging.

As for important details like power, range and weight, we’ll have to wait until next year to get the full specs, said Can-Am reps. They did mention however, that the bikes are slated to launch in mid 2024. 

Author: ADV Pulse Staff

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8 thoughts on “Can-Am Unveils New Electric Dual Sport Motorcycle

  1. It’s all about range. 100miles / 150km is simply ont enough, that takes me just 50..70km away from my cabin, to be sure I also make it back!

  2. Single disc fronts are horrible on the street, simply awful. Off-road it’s fine. Not sure what their testing has been yet, but they will learn this the hard way. Modern traffic pretty much demands this.

    Interesting look. Now who will have the first ebike with a sidecar?

  3. Just because it’s electric doesn’t mean it has to look like a cross between a grasshopper and a biscuit tin. 🙁

    Whar’s the all important battery life/range? If I’m going off road I need to be able to get back.

    Are the batteries user replaceable?

    And rechargeable from an ordinary household socket?

  4. Gee, reminds me of the times when my then 3 yo daughter would pull out one of her coloring books: Disney princess and anything but in the lines. In other words that adv bike looks the designers ripped off the Husqvarna 901


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