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10 Affordable Farkles for Under $40

Upgrade your ride without downgrading your dough.

Published on 01.10.2015

9. Handlebar Grip Donuts ($2.95)

EVS Grip Donuts

Material: 3mm thick neoprene
Colors: black, gray, red, yellow, blue

Blisters and chaffing be gone! The Grip Donuts are killer protection for arduous journeys. Gloves are enough to protect you while riding on the street, but start riding aggressively off-road and you’re likely to get blisters on your thumb joint where it comes into contact with the hard rubber grip stops. Once these painful sores form, they can be really irritating. Continued riding or just bending your thumbs, can crack open the scabs all over again.


EVS Grip Donuts are made of soft neoprene and do a great job of preventing friction on your thumb joint. They’re also durable and last a long time. They come in several different colorful patterns to help accent the look of your ride and installation is easy. Hell, they’re 3 bucks and worth a try!

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Author: Kyra Sacdalan

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11 thoughts on “10 Affordable Farkles for Under $40

  1. This is not a simple bolt on item (Tusk 1 1/8″ handlebar). Even the photo shows you need something like the Roxx bar risers to make it bit as the stock mount is for 7/8″ bars. This fact was not mentioned in the article.

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  3. How did you put the bar ends back in that klr? Just did this mod on m y 2014 klr but don’t know how to put the bar ends back

  4. Coleman saddle pad is barely a half inch thick and pretty useless. I gave mine away for free after a 600 mile ride in which mine did ZIP ZILCH NADA for comfort. In fact, I rode through rain and it made my behind and inner thighs feel about 1000x’s worse than if I didn’t have it.

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