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ADV ProductsADV Bike Accessories10 Affordable Farkles for Under $40

10 Affordable Farkles for Under $40

 Upgrade your ride without downgrading your dough.

Published on 01.10.2015

7. Paint Guard Protective Film ($9.99)

motorcycle paint guard vinyl protective film

Dimensions: 20″ x 15″ per sheet
Materials: 3.2 mil removable clear vinyl

There are many motorcyclists out there who like to wash and buff their bikes as much as they like to ride them. Being a person of such integrity, a farkle like this one should be very enticing. To keep your paint job looking “factory fresh,” pick up some sheets of Paint Guard Protective Film. Applied with care, this shield can prevent the customary scratches and scuffs produced by soft luggage slung across the tail, tank or other exposed plastics.


Many riders like the weight savings of rackless soft panniers, but avoid using them because of the unsightly scratches and rub marks they leave behind. Now you can run a lighter luggage system without scratching up your paint and keep the resale value high on your ride. Just don’t expect it to defend your paint against rocks or fall damage. Your motorcycle matters dearly to you, so keep it safe, protected and looking clean.

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Twisted Throttle

Author: Kyra Sacdalan

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9 thoughts on “10 Affordable Farkles for Under $40

  1. This is not a simple bolt on item (Tusk 1 1/8″ handlebar). Even the photo shows you need something like the Roxx bar risers to make it bit as the stock mount is for 7/8″ bars. This fact was not mentioned in the article.

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  3. How did you put the bar ends back in that klr? Just did this mod on m y 2014 klr but don’t know how to put the bar ends back