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ADV RidesTop 7 Areas to Ride Adventure Motorcycles in South Africa

Top 7 Areas to Ride Adventure Motorcycles in South Africa

 The unique landscape, wildlife and culture make this land an ADV paradise.

Published on 11.13.2014
ride south africa adventure bikes

South Africa is famous for its sunny skies, natural splendor, wildlife, and of course, Nelson Mandela. Perhaps less known is that South Africa is also home to some of the world’s finest adventure riding.

Three elements distinguish South Africa from other global adventure motorcycle riding destinations, not least the uniquely African flavor imparted by the landlocked kingdoms of Lesotho and Swaziland.

  • Unique Culture: The mesmerizing cultural melting pot that is contemporary South Africa:  Boldly reinventing its place on the southern tip of Africa, the new South Africa’s journey to nationhood makes for a fascinating, and welcoming, visitor experience.
  • Picturesque Landscape: A diverse landscape that ranges from sweeping savanna to sub-tropical forests, from sunken salt lakes to alpine tundra, as well as a year-round temperate climate and extraordinary African wildlife.
  • Riding Terrain: A combined area the size of Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, invites one to ride to and from anywhere on dirt ranging from gravel surfaces to tortuous single tracks and anything in between.

It’s impossible to pick “THE Ultimate” adventure riding route in South Africa, due to the sheer diversity of the landscape. Each area offers its own unique characteristics and riding experience for motorcylists, which is why we highlight seven of the best riding areas that are sure to quicken the heart rate of any adventure rider.


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Big skies make for spectacular sunsets in South Africa.

Author: Derek Alberts

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10 thoughts on “Top 7 Areas to Ride Adventure Motorcycles in South Africa

      • Hi Derek
        I have just read your article. In one week I will fly from Germany to SA and start a long trip by motorbike to the North of Africa. I would like to ride your suggested trips, if possible in winter time.
        Do you have any detailed description or gpx tracks?
        Thanks for your help,

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